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Try Fun Corporate Team-Building Activities In Singapore For a Memorable Experience

When we get to know our coworkers on a personal level, work actually becomes much more enjoyable. In addition, we’d want to be aware of just who we spend so much time with on a daily basis. Team-building exercises that take us outside of the traditional office setting are therefore essential.

Forget the normal karaoke nights or awkward meals if you want it to matter. Consider participating in team building activities in Singapore, which will not only provide you with a nice break from work but will also give you skills you may use when you return.

1. Race at KF1 Karting Circuit

KF1 Karting Circuit is a best place to go for racing like professionals for an exhilarating corporate event. The track has everything needed for a Grand Prix, including a pit lane and an amphitheatre designed after a theatre. For night races, the track has lighting that is modelled after F1.

Large groups don’t have to worry about splitting up to take turns driving because KF1’s track can be divided into two smaller configurations so that two teams can compete at once. Beginners can get started with beginner karts that have a top speed of 35 km/h, while experienced drivers can choose professional karts with a top speed of 110 km/h.

2. Sail around Marina Bay

There are plenty of things to do in Singapore, but if you want something that stands out from a standard company outing, choose an activity that will make the day memorable.

The Singapore Sailing Federation’s Marina Bay Corporate Sailing programme will give you more than simply enviable images that not everyone gets to capture when Marina Bay serves as your backdrop.

Sailing around Singapore’s CBD will allow you to see it in a different perspective. The Marina Bay Corporate Sailing programme, which brings team development to Marina Bay’s waters, is run by the Singapore Sailing Federation.

Enjoy the beautiful skyline and take lots of pictures of iconic buildings like the ArtScience Museum and Marina Bay Sands. Enter the nitty-gritty of sailing, where teams will receive instruction on how to correctly steer boats and rig sails. As you participate in an exciting team race over Marina Bay, put your abilities to the test.

3. Battle with archery tag

Epic fights in movies with soldiers charging in with bows and arrows, like the elves in The Lord of the Rings, are always exciting to witness. It turns out that you may actually host your own event right here in Singapore.

During a session with Archery Attack Singapore, discover who in your office is a sleuthy sniper or an angry charger. The game starts with a wild sprint for arrows in the middle of the field, then a fight to defeat the opposing team or hit a particular target to win. Additionally, the safe foam-tipped arrows used in this laser tag archery game will prevent injuries.

4.  VR escape rooms

If you’ve mastered all of Singapore’s standard escape rooms, move on to something more thrilling where monsters will actually charge you. With so many VR escape rooms emerging, virtual reality has fully taken off. These, like video games, depend on teams cooperating as a unit to win.

One such game has teams fighting the undead or engaging in an intergalactic conflict in Zero Latency. You can also use this as an opportunity to improve your team’s fitness since you’ll be navigating a large location like a warehouse.

V-Room features a huge selection of puzzle, arcade, and escape room games to pick from, including VR paintball and horror puzzles.

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