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Passport Bros

You might have come across several articles and videos about the Passport Bros. If this is not the case then this time something you should know. 

Passport Bros is a movement that actually started in 2023 where several videos were circulating online on TikTok. Many guys feel related to this movement and are very interested in knowing more.

The Passport Bros are basically Western men that feel tired of the games, the rejections, the frustrations they have with local dating in their own country. They feel and see that Western women don’t know what they want, are gold diggers and don’t hold any feminine values when it comes to relationships. On top of that, many women today are so independent and so busy with their careers, that they don’t even feel they need a man. Finding the right woman these days, it’s extremely challenging for many men in Western countries. 

And that’s why for many Western men, enough is enough. They decide to pack their bags and go on an adventure searching for a soulmate or girlfriend outside of their country of origin. Their main destinations are The Philippines and Thailand, with some Passport Bros even pushing to farther destinations like Vietnam and Cambodia. 

Women in these mentioned countries hold very good family values, are looking for men for marriage and to develop something serious. They absolutely love foreign men and the dating life is very simple. Men don’t need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on dating and the outcome is much better. 

A website that speaks about this Passport Bros phenomenon in detail is . This site was written and developed by 2 Passport Bros who travelled to so many countries in South East Asia and have composed this wonderful guide with so much useful information such as air fare cost, lodging, where and how to meet local women, which bars and activities to explore and more. 

There’s even their contact info on their site in case you have personal questions to ask them. 

David the owner of this site, told me he is planning to add more information related to working overseas and to how to make a living in case the Passport Bro plans to relocate to South East Asia indefinitely. This is definitely something to look forward to since many Passport Bros are really interested in leaving the US or Europe or Australia indefinitely or at least for a long period of time.

So go on and check out . You will find the content there very true and you will feel very related to it.

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