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7 Reasons Why You Need To Switch To A Samsung Smartphone

Mobile phones are integral to our lives, but many people resist changing. They also fear that losing all the apps, files, photos, subscriptions, contacts, and other information will make it difficult for them to function properly.

It’s not difficult to switch to the latest mobile phones these days. After checking the Latest Samsung A51 Price, Samsung Z Fold 3 price or any other Samsung phone price, you can look forward to a better smartphone experience without any issues.

Samsung Smart Switch, a free service that supports both Android and iOS, does all the work. It is as easy as replacing an older Samsung Galaxy phone with the Samsung Z Fold 3 or Samsung A51. Here are seven big reasons that can motivate you to switch to a Samsung device for a better smartphone experience:


Samsung loyalists place multitasking abilities at the top of their priorities regarding why they choose Galaxy devices. Galaxy series latest mobile phones have large, crisp screens that allow users to work across multiple apps.

Samsung smartphones have had the multi-window feature since 2012’s Galaxy Note II, and the latest mobile phones offer an improved multitasking experience. By just swiping left to open Edge and selecting an App Pair, you can quickly launch two apps on a split-screen mode on the latest mobile phones from Samsung.

Better Productivity (At Work)

The latest mobile phones from Samsung give you quick and easy access to Microsoft Office or Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) and other apps that many business professionals rely on.

Samsung and Microsoft worked closely together to offer the Office application onto the new Galaxy smartphones. This collaboration means that you can quickly review PowerPoint, Word and Excel files to edit, save, and share them. The brand ensures that you can access all of your files instantly in OneDrive.

Samsung DeX Feature

Samsung DeX may be the big reason for you to make the switch. DeX feature lets your Samsung latest mobile phone power a complete desktop experience by simply connecting it to a smart TV or computer monitor and pairing a mouse/keyboard.

DeX is available on all flagship-level latest mobile phones starting with the Galaxy S8. Multiple apps can be launched and resized, and keyboard shortcuts can also be used. Right mouse button clicks can also be used just like on a computer. DeX feature allows you to ditch your laptop bag and use it exclusively on your mobile device.

Long-lasting battery

The latest mobile phone from Samsung works all day without much battery drain. Fast Charging devices like the Samsung Z Fold 3 and Samsung A51 ease those worries.

It draws higher watts of electricity when connected to your device, giving you hours of power in just minutes. The adaptive power-saving mode allows you to save up to 20% on your battery by eliminating unnecessary apps and features.

Samsung Pass

There are likely to be more than a couple of different passwords for all social media accounts and business apps you use. You may lose your productivity if you forget one.

Samsung Galaxy users generally activate Samsung Pass immediately after receiving their latest mobile phone. It acts as a vault for login credentials. Samsung Pass can also be used with your biometrics so that you can sign in to the majority of your preferred websites and apps with just two quick taps.

Best-in-class camera system

The experiences that you will cherish for the rest of your life are not something you can anticipate in advance. Therefore, a great camera system on your latest mobile phone is essential.

Be it flagship-level Samsung Z Fold 3 or budget-friendly Samsung A51, they all come with various reliable camera configurations bundled with the latest features. These are all designed to make even the most amateur photographer take great shots.

You can edit photos and videos right from your latest mobile phone with the powerful editor in the camera app. Live Focus allows you to adjust the background blur, and large sensors will enable you to take amazing photos even in dim lighting.

Advanced Biometric Security

Your Samsung device will not be accessible to anyone else without your knowledge or permission. Biometric authentication is the best way to ensure the highest level of security and ease of use.

Samsung Galaxy series devices have been the first to introduce advanced biometric authentication features. Ultrasonic fingerprint identification, first introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and S10+, creates a 3D image from your fingertip using an in-display sensor.

The Latest Mobile Phones from Samsung provide superior accuracy than traditional capacitive sensors. Many Galaxy devices offer high-quality facial recognition so that you can unlock your phone just by looking at them.

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