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4 Iconic Watches Featured in Hollywood Films

Who doesn’t enjoy watching Hollywood films? They’re fun to watch, showcasing the gift and novelty of Western (American, to be specific) storytelling with the principles of show, don’t tell, and feature beautiful young women and handsome men in different flavors ranging from The Every Man, the Byronic Hero, and the Daredevil. There is a movie for any audience. Hollywood productions have repeatedly proven this over the years, beating out studio executives and risking plenty to give life to fun ideas that audiences will find amusing. 

At the height of the 1970s-1980s, Hollywood action films bloomed and prospered. This era of Hollywood produced legends who now provoke nostalgia, most of which are classic ideals of masculinity and courage. Some of the most beloved heroes and heroines this era produced are James Bond, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Captain Willard, Forrest Gump to Marty McFly! 

Seiko Giugiaro 7A28-7000 

Movie Featured: Aliens (directed by James Cameron, 1986) 

Character Who Wore It: Ripley (Sigourney Weaver)  

Aliens is a science fiction film directed by James Cameron. It was released in 1986, launching Sigourney Weaver’s career in playing Action Girl archetypes. In the film, Sigourney plays Ridley, a young woman who survived a lethal alien attack on her ship that killed all her fellow passengers. 

The Seiko Giugiaro 7A28-7000 features in all parts of the movie. During the film’s release, casting a female as the lead in an action film was unheard of as executives felt there was no market for such a film. However, Aliens achieved critical success. Sigourney Weaver made a typical men’s watch look cool and badass in the film. As a result, the watch became so popular that Seiko had to reissue the model upon public demand.

Seiko 0674-5009

Movie Featured: The Spy Who Loved Me (directed by James Cameron, 1977 ) 

Character Who Wore It: James Bond (Roger Moore)

Across his tenure as Agent 007 James Bond, Rodger Moore sported various Seiko watches. The second digital watch he sported as James Bond was the Seiko 0674-5009. Whenever the Seiko 0674-5009 is featured onscreen, it would be for times that M and 007 had to communicate.

While this is not the first Seiko watch to appear in a classic and iconic Hollywood film, it certainly says a lot about the quality and positioning of the brand. On the rare occasion that you may need to modify or replace parts of your trusty Seiko watch, visit Watch&Style

Porsche Design Orfina Chronograph

Movie Featured: Top Gun (directed by Joseph Kosinski and Tony Scott, 1986) 

Character Who Wore It: LT Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise)

Throughout the film, Tom Cruise’s character, Pete, wears the Porsche Design Orfina Chronograph. This watch is unique as it is the first watch that Porsche ever produced and designed. 

Omega La Magique

Movie Featured: Scarface (directed by Brian De Palma, 1983) 

Character Who Wore It: Tony Montana (Al Pacino)

Al Pacino’s turn as Tony Montana is always iconic as his line, “Say hello to my little friend!” His other ‘little friend’ is his watch, the Omega La Magique. The watch is high in demand due to its 18K gold and tremendously thin structure. 

Author’s Bio:

William Ross is often described as a jack of all trades. He loves to explore new things and cultivate his knowledge everywhere he goes. These days, he spends most of his free time writing about watches and watch accessories, as he is a collector himself.

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