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Preparing for Military Deployment: Overlooked Essentials and Preparation Tips

Preparing for deployment involves the body, mind, and spirit. While most people often have their tactical skills ready, very few have their mind and spirit prepared. This is because deployment can be long, lonely, and demanding; it is not for the faint-hearted. Depending on the mission, deployment can push the military personnel to do things for survival they would not otherwise have tried. 

One of the primary secrets to making it alive and in a good state from the mission is to be well-prepared for it. Unfortunately, some never know what they need to ensure they are fully prepared. This article will highlight some of the essential products and tips that are often overlooked and that will make a significant difference to the task.

Have Clean Water Supply

Some military camps and individuals usually focus on ensuring they have sufficient food, shelter, and clothing. They forget one crucial need, which is water. The missions could occur in harsh weather conditions, and water scarcity could compromise the health of the military personnel. When this happens, then it threatens the overall success of the mission. While there are some conflict zones where soldiers can get airdrop water supplies from airplanes and helicopters, this is not the case in all war zones. In some regions, any little exposure could cause some life-threatening danger. Yet soldiers cannot drink from flowing rivers due to contamination. So, is there a solution to this?

The troopers can access clean water in war regions without compromising safety. However, they must be prepared with a reliable water purification system before deployment, such as The Berkey. When fully configured, the system can serve approximately fifty people daily since it can purify over ten gallons of water per hour. With this system in the camp, the military personnel can be sure they will have sufficient clean water. This system will help improve their overall health as well as their stamina.

Learn Money Management Tips

Some enlistees often get excited even before deployment as they think of the extra money they might get from the mission. Due to this, they end up spending money they do not have since they know they will get paid. However, these soldiers fail to account for the expenses they will incur while on the mission. For instance, depending on their branch or task, they might have to buy specialized or additional gear to complement their basic uniforms. They must also pay for their phone bills, internet access, and off-duty activities such as hobbies and entertainment. 

The trooper assumes that all the expenses will be catered to by their country, so they do not consider their expenditures. In turn, they end up disbursing more than they expected, and though they get good pay, by the time they finish the mission, some find that they have overspent. A significant number end up in debt. This is something that they can avoid by taking money management classes before they get deployed. These classes will help them better understand how to manage their finances, limit debts, and build wealth. They also need to be disciplined and not give in to peer pressure. That will help them avoid debt, giving them peace of mind once they finish their mission.

Preparing for Military Deployment

Get Paperwork in Order

The goal and mission of every soldier is to complete the mission and return home alive and well. However, not all troopers get a chance to go back home. Unfortunately, this is a reality that everyone avoid dealing with, especially before deployment. They only want to focus on the mission’s positive outcome. While there is nothing wrong with being positive, it is sometimes crucial to be realistic and accept that anything can happen. Once enlistees do this, it will be easy to put their paperwork in order. 

The first thing they must handle before starting their mission is their last will. This document is vital as it helps protect their loved ones and avoid family conflict if they are gone. They also need to have a military power of attorney. This should be someone they can trust with their finances. This individual will act on their behalf, accessing their bank account and dealing with the tax payment. It is also crucial for the soldiers to have a living will. This document outlines how they must be taken care of if injured. It gives preference regarding medication and resuscitation. They can also put together a list of important passwords and contracts and leave them with a trustee.

A Small Stove

Some military missions are hostile, tiring, and demanding. Therefore, soldiers are required to have the energy to handle the task. While they will get food from their camp, it might sometimes not have all the nutritional values they need. That is why having a small stove can come in handy. These stoves are compact, which makes them easy to carry. Additionally, they are great for operations and minimize visibility, meaning soldiers can prepare their meals while maintaining a low profile. With the stoves, the soldiers can make and take nutritious meals that will give them the energy they need during their missions.

However, with the many stove options in the market, it can be overwhelming for the soldiers to choose the one that best suits their needs. When buying, the troopers should ensure that the product is durable. That is because they will be in a hostile environment where the stove might get hit, drugged, or even fall from high areas. The stove should also be compact. Soldiers should note that they will carry many personal items as they move from one camp to another. The last thing they need is a bulky stove with many compartments to make their transition challenging. It should also be stable and easy to use; that way, the troopers will not have to worry about the food they are cooking spilling over.

Have Comfort Items

The military offers the troops the opportunity to push their limits, learn what they can, and engage in various activities with many benefits. However, not all days are great; the soldiers get lonely and low sometimes, especially when their planned mission does not go as they wanted. They often have to deal with intense stress of getting separated from the family, exposure to dangerous situations, unpredictable schedules, and physical and mental challenges, all of which can impact their overall well-being. With everything going on in their lives, they must have something to turn to that will offer them comfort.

That is where the comfort items came into play. Before getting deployed, military personnel must take their time and think of everything that might happen while on a mission. They need to understand that some days will bring high stress levels, so they need something to cool down and return to reality; otherwise, they risk snapping. They can use photos of their family members or loved ones, music or entertainment, books, or religious books. What works for one person might not work for everyone. That is why everyone needs to consider their mission and what they will need as comfort items. 

Quality Camouflage Paint

One of the essential skills that military personnel need to learn is the act of camouflage. This skill is vital as it helps them blend with their surroundings and reduce field visibility. Due to this, they become less visible to the enemy’s eyes. This enables the soldiers to sneak in and fight their enemies without recognition. Due to these benefits, armies provide their soldiers with camouflage paint. While the paint is effective, it is also running, sticking, and often gets everywhere. This could be a mess, which could distract the soldiers and reduce their focus, which can be dangerous.

Soldiers should consider getting high-grade camouflage paint or a cam stick paint pad when packing their equipment. These products are reliable since they will not spill on personal items. Besides hiding in plain sight, it will also give the fighters peace of mind that the paint will not get all over their items. That will save the soldiers a great deal of frustration. On the same note, it is essential for those planning on camouflaging to learn how to do it best so that the camouflage can be effective.

When soldiers are called for deployment, they usually get a list of the items they must carry. While this is a great checklist, it might not have essential items that will help the mission’s success. That is why the article has highlighted some of the crucial things that they miss out on and how it could impact the mission’s overall success. Military officers about to get deployed can use these essential tips to help them get ready for the mission. Note that this checklist is an addition to the one they will get from the army. They also need to note that they do not have to carry everything on the list; they can go through it and choose the items they actually need, depending on the mission. The goal is to ensure they are safe and comfortable. 

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