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How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Essay writing can be a stumbling block for many young people. Some students even feel they have no choice but to order essay online. Although such an option is always available, there are other ways to deal with academic papers. For instance, you can practice different writing methods or apply new techniques while working on your essays. Perhaps, you’ll discover that such assignments aren’t that bad once you get the hang of them. So, here are a few tips on how to do your papers better. 

Always outline

An outline is a grossly underrated thing among students. The reason for students skipping this part of writing is simple. Young people believe that outlines take valuable time and don’t add anything to the process. Well, they can’t be more wrong about it. Yes, you need an hour or so to create a perfect outline. However, does it pay off? Of course!

An outline gives you a full picture of what your essay will look like. Thus, you build a full structure of your text. You have all sections mapped out. These include the number of paragraphs, the main arguments, evidence and data to back your statements. So, whenever you look at an outline, you see the skeleton of your future essay. Now, you just need to expand it.

Just like that, students can draft several outlines to see what order and arguments work best. Also, you avoid any confusion about your next moves. Sometimes, all good writing needs is confidence and a clear plan of action. An outline can give you both. 

Know your topic

For the most part, it’s not about how you write but what you write. Thus, if you don’t know a topic well, your writing will show it. Remember, you can’t hide anything on a piece of paper. It will highlight all your weaknesses, such as gaps in knowledge and lack of research. 

So, to write an academic essay well, you must endure long and detailed research. Students should develop full comprehension of the writing theme. Otherwise, the quality of your paper will suffer regardless of perfect grammar or text structure. 

Once you learn about the topic, put it in your own words. Analyze it. Use your critical thinking skills to find and explain your arguments. Stay concise. Make clear statements and always refer to your thesis statement. A good paper should demonstrate your understanding and vision of the topic. Without it, it’s just reciting other people’s words. 

Don’t rush it

You need enough time to research, write, and edit to write a good paper. However, you can’t do all these things overnight. Each of these stages requires lots of time and preparation. Thus, stop trying to rush with your paper writing. Many students believe they can’t write essays only because they never have enough time to do everything right. 

So, you have to slow down. Break down each writing stage and see how many hours you may need per task. Give yourself that time. Paper writing is a step-by-step process. You can’t skip over some stages to get to the finale faster.  

Trust the process

Sometimes, the biggest obstacles students face in writing are their doubts. Students become their worst enemies. Constant fear, self-doubts, and second-guessing only ruin your chances of having a successful paper. So what should you do instead? Trust the process. 

Start by completing all the preparations. Your text is already half done once you have formed the main arguments and found the necessary evidence and sources. It’s just not on paper ready. Your brain, however, has been figuring it out all this time. So, trust your mind on this one. 

Just sit at your desk, take a breath, and start typing. Your goal is to put the sentences on a piece of paper. The more you have to say, the better. You can edit everything later. Don’t worry about it now. You’ll notice that the more you write, the easier it becomes. It starts to feel natural. You have released your inner writer. 

Read academic literature

You can also read more academic articles, papers, and science books. By doing so more frequently, you’ll start to pick up the writing style, manner, text structures, and other nuances of academic writing. In addition, you’ll expand your vocabulary and grammar. Thus, you can try different things to learn how to write. Sometimes, reading can be a big asset to your future essay writing. Not to mention that such literature will also help you progress in your classes. 

Wrapping up

Writing essays doesn’t have to be difficult. It all depends on your approach. Your writing will flourish as long as you are willing to give your time and energy to it. Spend enough time on preparations for writing. Do your research ahead of time. Create a clear vision of your text structure, main ideas, and arguments. Clear your head before writing. Trust your instincts.

After a while, most of these stages will come naturally to you. You’ll develop the necessary skills and build up confidence. It will also allow you to cut the essay writing time in half. However, to do so, you need to practice first. 

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