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What Is NFPA 70E Online Training? And Why Is It Important?

Electricity powers our modern world, yet that power can be dangerous. When people work with electrical power without proper training in safety practices, they’re prone to injuries.

Educating workers on electrical safety standards minimizes electrical injuries and fatalities. The training also helps learners comply with NFPA 70E requirements. Benchmark ESS leads in providing NFPA 70E online training to help save lives.

The Importance of NFPA 70E Compliance

NFPA 70 E’s engineered protocols and safety practices are for personnel protection. Every three years, the training is revised to reflect technological advancements.

NFPA 70E’s guidelines sometimes change, but they still reinforce the importance of hazard awareness and accident prevention. Failure to comply by employers results in hefty fines and even prosecution when injury or loss occurs. A company’s legal and ethical responsibility is to ensure that high-risk workers receive proper NFPA 70E training. 

Barriers to Traditional Training

For some, finding time for off-site classes can disrupt productivity. Smaller firms may lack the resources to send many employees at once. Those in remote locations face long travel for in-person sessions. 

Moreover travel for the training can be expensive as they may need accommodation. And as technology progresses, traditional every-3-year updates leave gaps.

Additionally, the schedules of traditional training limit individuals to learning at their preferred pace. Another challenge with conventional NFPA 70E training is learning resource materials, which can be limited. Such hurdles, unfortunately, risk compliance and safety if workers cannot access needed training.

Benefits of Online Training

Unlike traditional training, online training proves more effective and accessible. Fortunately, firms have equipped people living in remote areas with opportunities to gain NFPA 70E certification. Your personnel and electrical contractors can learn without disrupting responsibilities or geographical limitations. 

Their online programs impart principles of arc flash rating, personal protective equipment selection, and emergency response. They do this through a virtual medium accessible from any internet-connected device. Learners benefit equally regardless of location, with schedules flexible to life’s demands. Learning materials are also readily available online.

What is Covered in NFPA 70E Online Training?

During NFPA 70E training, learners cover topics like types of electrical hazards and the science behind electricity. They learn to identify electrical hazards and establish an electrically safe work environment. They also know how to select personal protective equipment based on an arc flash risk assessment and proper incident energy analysis methodology. 

In addition, trainees learn to understand arc flash labels and adequately interpret the ratings. This helps to determine the appropriate level of protection based on the tasks they perform. The training also includes guidance on establishing an ongoing electrical safety program.

Facilitating Compliance for All Businesses

By making training accessible from any internet-enabled device, online programs extend NFPA 70E guidelines to everyone. Remote power plants, wind farms, mining sites, and more uphold safety requirements without assigning shifts or arranging travel. 

Small businesses justify training investments, knowing benefits transfer among employers. Best of all, virtual learning leaves no one at a disadvantage – now, anyone can gain the skills to protect lives.


NFPA 70E online training makes participation practicable for safer working near electrical equipment. Online learning allows employers to access training typically restricted by factors beyond their control. By easily accessing the training, more people understand and minimize arc flash incidents.

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