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Signs and Symptoms of Heart Problems in Your Child That You Should Know

The heart is one of the main organs of our body. It is responsible for the transfer of blood in the whole body and that is why it is essential for this organ to work properly.

According to the best pediatric cardiologist in Islamabad, every one in 100 children suffers from a congenital heart defect or some other sort of heart issue. The treatment of heart diseases is highly possible. You can treat heart issues with medicine or surgery or various other sorts of medical procedures.

The testing and diagnostic process of the detection of a possible heart defect is rather simple, quick, and almost painless. So you should not lose hope that if your child has a heart deficit then he or she is hopeless. No this is so not the case. Most children who have these heart issues at a young age live a happy and healthy life.

Signs and Symptoms of Heart Issues

Some of the common signs of heart defects are as follows:

  • Blue color around the lips or blue skin
  • Difficulty in feeding the baby
  • Severe shortness of breath
  • Poor and stunted growth
  • Pale or dull skin
  • Tired and fatigue

All of these symptoms are because of the short supply of oxygen to the cardiac muscles or the body. When the blood does not have the usual amount of oxygen that it should, the aforementioned symptoms will occur.

What Leads To a Heart Defect?

In some instances, your child may suffer from a heart problem if there is a defect in the cardiac muscles or the walls of the heart. This condition is commonly referred to as a person having a hole in the heart.

The problems can also arise if the person has a chronic defect in the valves. This happens when either the valves are either narrow or are completely blocked because of certain calcium compounds and their entry into these valves.

All this leads to either the mixing of the red and blue blood or towards the malfunctioning of the heart and its pumping abilities. At the onset of such problematic conditions, the heart and its functions are severely affected and the person and its body do not have the right supply of blood.

When Does the Heart Defect Originates

Heart defects usually develop in the uterus when the baby is still going through development. This is not in any shape or form because of what the mother did during the pregnancy. The doctors are also sometimes unaware of what can be the causative agent of this one.

In some cases, they can be due to a family history of heart problems. But in other cases having a serious illness can seriously damage the function and operation as well as the structural ability of the heart.

In rare cases, children can also get severe heart issues after acquiring a viral infection.

Symptoms of Heart Problems in Babies

In the womb, babies often receive low amounts of oxygen. So after their birth, it is normal for them to get the same amount of oxygen as the adults. But if they are receiving low amounts of oxygen then their body will become blue. This is medically known as cyanosis.

Hospitals are usually accustomed to checking the level of oxygen at the time of birth.

Symptoms of Heart Problems in Toddlers

If you are witnessing that your child is often out of breath, fatigued, tired, pale, and is not able to keep up the pace with all the other children of his/her then it signals that your child is struggling to deal with a heart condition.

Toddlers do not have a profound sense of judgment and very limited vocabulary, thus they are often not able to tell their parents that they are dealing with something serious.

Passing out is another symptom that can point towards a serious heart condition but it is highly rare.

The Bottom Line

Heart issues are common in children more than most parents even acknowledge. Thus make sure to learn from the above-mentioned signs and do not refrain from regular checkups of your bundle of joy. For further assistance, remember to keep yourself updated with the doctor.

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