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Photography Business in Florida – 3 SEO Tactics Especially for Photographers

Getting to the top ranks on Google has become a considerable challenge for new and small businesses alike. The same applies to Google’s image section. Photographers, in particular, are in an uphill battle when it comes to propelling their business’s website to the top of the heap.

Stick through the end of this article to find Florida SEO tips that will enable your photography website to get higher rankings on Google.

Why should you hire a US-based SEO service over a foreign agency?

Like the rest of the US, Florida must follow copyright and trademark laws. These are not applicable in foreign countries. Therefore, violating them on your Florida website can lead to copyright infringements and lawsuits. It is also recommended to work with a native English-speaking SEO agency to represent your campaign’s needs and goals clearly.

Research the needs of your prospects

The secret to ranking high in search engine results is to think like your potential clients. You must factor in what they are searching for and the keywords they are utilising in their searches.

To know the right keywords to apply on your site to make it rank high in search results, you must figure out potential search queries. Fortunately, you don’t need to guess when it comes to this area. You can utilise tools to discover what words people search for and what keywords will likely direct them to your website.

First, you must compile a list of what you believe your prospects might be typing into a search engine when looking for photography services in your location. Once you have a long list of options, input these terms in software like Google Adwords keyword planner.

If you are a busy business owner, it may be best to outsource your SEO to an agency. How much does Florida SEO service cost? The cost will be contingent upon the search engine optimization services you demand. Local and national SEO have different price ranges. Moreover, agencies that utilise data-driven processes deliver quality work backed by safety guarantees.

In most cases, they demand upwards of $2000 per month. As with most services, you get what you pay for. Therefore, if you opt for cheaper agencies, they might only deliver less valuable services.

Make your website uncomplicated

Even if you load your website with relevant keywords, links, and graphics, if it is not user-friendly, Google will penalise it, and your website visitors will not enjoy their experience at all.

If you are a single service photographer, it is recommended to niche down. Therefore, if you only shoot weddings, the navigation bar on your website must incorporate the following main pages: about, weddings, blog, contact. Underneath the weddings section, you can make things even more specific. You can have pages dedicated to small weddings and themed weddings.

Incorporate alt text into your images

To describe the content of your images to search engines, you must add an alt text or alternative text. You need to apply this bit of effort when uploading photos to your site to make sure your website will rank high.

The filenames of your images are factored in your SEO score, so they need to be descriptive. When uploading photos to your website, avoid using simple names such as image 1.jpg. Instead, write something more descriptively relevant to your content and incorporate your keyword. For example, if you have taken a picture of a themed wedding that you should name the image file like this: mermaid-themed-beach-wedding-in-Florida.jpg

It is crucial to boost your Florida photography business’s digital presence online and improve your ranking via SEO. Florida is part of the US statistics with a 90% internet penetration rate. This percentage translates to over 300 million users.

This population can be reached when you apply appropriate SEO strategies tailor-fit to your market. The USA is the third-largest internet market globally after China and India. Without a doubt, these figures are impressive and an incentive to enter the American market.

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