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All you need to know about key differences between Autism and ADHD

Autism and ADHD are two different conditions usually seen in children who face difficulty in focusing. But some symptoms can be similar to each other and it often leads the parents at the stage of misinterpretation of one condition to the other. According to the Autism Treatment in Hyderabadthe condition a child will have a hard time focusing and face issues while communicating. Even if the symptoms distributed by both the conditions are same, it still has differences from one another. This article will give you a brief idea about both the disorders and the key differences between Autism and ADHD. Happy Reading!

Similarities between Autism and ADHD

Autism and ADHD are two conditions that are deemed to have similar symptoms and the majority of people are misguided with these conditions. Both conditions have a limited social understanding of their behaviors and can have adverse effects. Some of the overlapping symptoms between Autism and ADHD are as below:

-Constant Fidgeting and problems while settling down

–   High Impulsiveness’

–  Hyper-focus

–   Constant feeling of Social Awkwardness

Major differences of ADHD and Autism

ADHA is also known as ADD is not a spectrum disorder while Autism is a spectrum disorder and so the signs are also known as autism spectrum disorder or ASD.

Here is a table, drawn for you to easily understand the major differences, influenced by Best Psychologist in Hyderabad:

ADHD  Autism
  It is a neurodevelopmental condition that prevents the child to sit still, to concentrating.It is a range of neurodevelopmental conditions that cause the child to face various challenges in thinking and communication.   
Signs may vary, depending on your child in both cases.
Easily distracted, forgetful, lost in daydreaming.Avoids eye and physical contact both.
Is prone to meltdowns and tantrums which happen due to frustration most of the time.Is prone to meltdowns which happens due to sensory processing issues, communication difficulties, anxiety.
May overreact to the things like the way something sounds, smells, tastes, looks.Reacts strongly to the things how it smells, sounds, tastes, looks, sounds.  
Struggles with organizational manners and at completing tasks.  Struggles with social skills and uses excessive body movements.
Does not listen carefully and has trouble following directions.Gets upset by sudden changes in routine and repeats some phrases over and over.

How Are ADHD and Autism Diagnosed?

If you think your child has either ADHD or Autism, the first right decision is to consult a doctor and ask him exactly what tests are required for your child. If the doctor suspects the sign of autism he or she may look into your child’s behavioral pattern and their development over the past years. Also, in both cases, he or she may investigate from teachers, other members of the family, and some other caregivers.

However, there is no single test that helps to diagnose both ADHD. Experts diagnose it only after the child has shown almost all symptoms or the major ones at least that also for more than 6 months. And, in the case of Autism, there is no medical or blood test that will help to diagnose the disorder. As mentioned the doctor will deeply look into the history of your child’s behavioral pattern. It can sometimes even take 18 months to detect the ASD disorder.

When Your Child Has Both ADHD and Autism

From the published studies and surveys conducted worldwide when a child has both these conditions, he or she tends to show more impulsive and debilitating signs than other children. In other words, children with both ADHD and Autism have more difficulties in learning, understanding, and growing.

An estimated study shares the fact that almost 30 to 80 percent of children, who have autism, also meet the symptoms of ADHD. Given this fact, Scientists and Psychiatrists are rethinking on the concept that forms a connection between these two conditions.

They are looking at the biological roots to find the common traits between these two. Studies have also depicted the fact that this is more appear able during childhood itself and is more often found in boys. At the initial stage, behavioral therapies may help significantly.


Thus, we can see that despite some causes and symptoms are overlapping, the major components of ADHD and Autism are quite different. The only trick at identifying the difference lies in the reason behind the particular behavior.

In either disorder or both, medication is a must implementation to get it to cure completely. And, as a parent, you need to organize the structure of your child’s routine properly while also having proper management at handling the meltdowns.

You can also teach your child through attractive visualizations, sticky notes, and small chunks to increase the flexibility of his or her brain.

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Mrs. Priyanka Naveen is the owner of TruHap an avid reader, writer, and impactful public speaker. She started her career in clinical psychology which gave her a better perspective on various mental health issues. Priyanka understood the importance of mental health after postpartum depression and remedies and because of this, she was able to develop TruHap which is strong to bring back True Happiness. She takes up consultations and corporate sessions on various topics like parenting, relationship issues, stress management, and work-life balance as well.

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