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Signs You Need to Call for Pest Control

Pests enter homes in search of food, water, and shelter. They often don’t discriminate over what type of home they’ll enter, and they can quickly turn from just a few bugs or a single larger animal into an infestation. When there are any signs that pests may be in the home, even if you don’t see the pest itself to know what it is, it’s time to call in the pros for help. 

Droppings or Webs

Droppings or webs around the house are a sign that there is a current infestation of pests. The type and size of droppings or webs can show which kinds of pests are in the home. A quick call to a bradenton pest control professional can make it easier to find and eliminate any pests inside the home. 

Chewing Marks on Baseboards

Chewing marks on baseboards and other low areas around the home can indicate mice or other small pests. It is important to make sure this is handled quickly, as mice and other pests can quickly grow into a major infestation and cause health concerns and other issues. They can also damage electrical wires inside the wall, creating a risk of fires. 

Damaged to Food Packaging

Damaged food packages inside the pantry can indicate moths, mice, and other pests like ants. Food in damaged packages should be tossed and other foods as well as anything new coming into the home should be in plastic containers to prevent pests from getting to them. Call an exterminator to eliminate whatever is eating the packages and contaminating the food. 

Dead Pests

Dead pests inside the home, no matter what kind of bug or creature, are a sign that there might be an infestation. While it might not be too much of a worry to find one or two pests that have wandered into the home, keep an eye out. If more dead pests are found, have an inspection done to make sure there isn’t a living infestation. 

Soft Spots in Wood

Soft spots in wood are signs of termites. If wood baseboards or framing feels soft to the touch when pressed or if it’s possible to gently push a screwdriver into the wood, then something has caused rot or there are pests like termites eating the wood from the inside. An exterminator is needed fast to make sure the issue doesn’t grow. 

Odd Noises

Odd noises in the home may be a sign of a larger pest that’s gotten inside and started to nest. Larger animals like squirrels or raccoons will often find their way into an attic so they can have somewhere safe to have babies. It’s important to remove these pests fast, as their droppings can be a health hazard and they will cause significant damage to the home. 

Pests can make their way into any home and, once they do, it can be difficult to get rid of them on your own. An abundance of products are available to help with DIY pest removal, but these may not be as effective as needed or may take too long to work. Instead, to get rid of pests of any kind quickly, call in the professionals. 

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