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10 Powtoon Alternatives for Video Marketing in 2022

We have noticed that to mesmerise the audience, marketers always prefer commercial videos and other attractive ads. It means, they will only be able to benefit from such platforms that gain more popularity. Hence, they try to work more efficiently to have productivity in video marketing. 

For this purpose, they always require efficient tools so that they can make their work more appealing and endearing. The reason behind the use of such tools is that these tools provide a better visual experience and also add different kinds of unique editing that helps in increasing video marketing productivity. 

In today’s article, we are going to discuss some tools other than Powtoon that are contributing to video marketing. So without wasting any time let us have brief info about each editing tool from the list of the best 10 Powtoon alternatives.

1. Doratoon

The most exemplary and incredible tool for all kinds of editing is Doratoon which is considered the best alternative to Powtoon. It is full of specifications, implementation as well as features that an editing tool must contain to get customers’ attention. 

The user-friendly interface of Doratoon has made it possible for even unprofessional people to use it without facing any hurdles. We can say that this tool can generate an eye-catching and efficient product using its inbuilt features. 

Marketers are having great benefits from this tool as it can alter the trend of marketing through its latest and advanced features. Moreover, 1000+ ready-made templates of Doratoon leave users amazed through their existence and work. 

Steps to Use Doratoon

Now, hope that you are now fully aware of the significance of Doratoon in video marketing so let us have a glance at the steps of using Doratoon. 

Step 1: Sign Up

Go to the official website of Doratoon and sign into the website by tapping on the signup button available on the screen. 

Step 2: Move to the Workbench Button

After signing up, go to the ‘Workbench’ tab. Look for the ‘Workbench’ option that will appear on the top menu and then select it. 

Step 3: Create Video

You will see the ‘Create a new video’ option, and select it and now either create a video or choose a template for editing purposes. Then you will be allowed to use different effects and editing tools to make your animation more charming and appealing. 

Step 4: Save Results

At the last, the editing screen will contain an export button that allows you to save the video to your device. After tapping on that button, the video will automatically be moved to your gallery where you can share it with others. 

Features of Doratoon

Given are a few basic features that contribute to making Doratoon an incredible and exemplary animation tool, especially in the marketing field. 

  • Subtitles

Doratoon lets its users add subtitles to the video under the editing procedure. The addition of subtitles seems to be a hectic task but Doratoon has made this difficult task quite easier by reducing the chance of error. 

  • Templates

It contains 1000+ ready-made templates that help users a lot in their work. Users are allowed to utilize a variety of templates or the inbuilt background effects according to their needs. 

  • Free of Charges

Unlike other animation tools, Doratoon is free from all the hidden charges and works for free. All the discussed features of Doratoon are free for use by every kind of user. 

  • Reliable

It ensures full reliability and also declares full protection of users’ data from unauthorised access. Hence, marketers can easily create their content without being afraid of leaking or loss of content. 

  • Animated Characters

If you are creating any kind of animation video then you will be provided with lots of animated characters that you can add to your video to create a charming and eye-catching appearance the video. 

2. Maya 

Maya is also an incredible software that is playing a significant role in this field. It enables the users to create video games and animated pictures with 3D effects. The most amazing fact about this tool is that it has two main key features that are clip matching and character matching that are playing vital roles in advanced-level projects.

3. Renderforest 

Renderforest is considered an all-in-one tool that proves to be beneficial not only for professionals but also for beginners. For the business field, it is the best choice because of its high processing speed and user-friendly interface. It utilises Artificial intelligence technology and machine learning in its work.  

4. Pencil 2D 

If you are in search of a tool that allows you to create hand-drawn animation then Pencil 2D is available for you. It is considered the best tool, especially for beginners as it allows them to create high-impact videos by using digital art.

5. Adobe Animate 

To create an animation video that proves to be unique in the world of video creativity, adobe animate is playing a vital role. It has lots of key qualities like vector graphics, a drag-drop option,s etc. Moreover, the entire process of Adobe Animate becomes more flexible due to its readymade templates. 

6. Animaker 

Another latest animated video maker tool is Animaker that is having a strong position in the video marketing world. This tool is highly recommended for users who want to create short videos like a video brand introduction or any company introduction etc.

7. OpenToonz 

To increase the productivity of video marketing, it is advisable to consider OpenToonz as it is providing a great Interface for the artist and other programmers to beautify their work. Its high-level customizable technology leaves users amazed and also contains key features like GTA scanning etc. 

8. MotionDen 

Marketers usually have to face problems like text alignment or management but MotionDen has overcome this problem by introducing a vast variety of text styles. Now users can add different kinds of text styles as well as templates in their videos to bring a unique change.

9. Biteable 

Biteable is another professional video maker that is providing its users access to lots of easy-to-use editing options. Moreover, it also allows them to share that edited content with other business partners. Hence, the sharing problem has also been resolved due to this service provider.

10. Toonator

Last but not least, Toonator is having a significant position in the creation of entertaining videos. The funny templates of Toonator let users entertain the audience in a very friendly environment. Moreover, its high speed is also its main key feature. 

Ending Remarks

Powtoon is a good animation video maker for marketing. The above article contains brief data about the best and amazing powtoon alternatives that are contributing to providing excellent marketing impact to the viewers. Among all the above-discussed tools, Doratoon is having a higher place because of its advanced features and user-friendly interface.

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