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Top 10 Creative Restaurant Marketing Strategies for Food Chains

The business of a restaurant is the unstoppable one, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to do any marketing strategies or any kind of promotions. You do need everything to get good customers in your restaurant. As there are more than thousands of restaurants in every city, but the problem is how you can rank your restaurant in the top good restaurant list.

In recent years, restaurant marketing has become much more sophisticated. Those responsible for restaurant offerings and the new generation of business are facing new difficulties. People trying to fill their bellies now have a convoluted variety of options, and restaurants have to compete for customers’ attention in ways other than location.

Unlike most restaurant marketing tracks that are now at the top of Google, here are the most up-to-date ideas and information for your next hype!

Best Creative Restaurant Marketing Strategies

Restaurant marketing strategies are challenging and constantly changing, but using creative techniques based on data about customers and your restaurant’s operations can help you generate new revenue.

1. Reservation Links:

The truth is that Yelp is becoming less and less important as Google increasingly dominates online grocery search. One of Skift’s megatrends has been Google’s dominance in discovering local restaurants. If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably already created a Google Business account that includes your location, some photos, a link to your website, and other information.

This is Google Business 101 for restaurants. After you’ve done this and started using Google’s Open Graph and local recognition, you should consider how the GMB can start producing extra money.

2. Email Marketing:

Almost all restaurant marketing materials recommend delivering an “email newsletter” as a technique to attract more customers. However, since email marketing is used by almost every business under the sun, sending a generic email once a month is unlikely to have an impact.  

Email is still a wonderful marketing medium if you know how to use it. But keep in mind that at virtually all of the largest companies in the world, you’re fighting for attention in people’s inboxes.

3. Search Engine Optimization:

The SEO of your website is very necessary. First of all, your restaurant should have a website on Google. If you have no website, then no worries, you can create one by asking YourDigiLab. They are giving amazing web development services to you.

You need to properly optimize your website. Seriously doing SEO of your website is the best restaurant marketing technique that you should adopt. If your restaurant website is properly optimized then you can get organic traffic on your website.

4. Sending Emails to your Customers on their Birthdays:

The first step is to keep an eye on your guests’ birthdays. You can ask them by phone, through surveys, or when you book online. The second step is to store and manage the data in a customer database.

Sending a personalized email two or three weeks before your big day explaining why you have the perfect venue for your event is the third step. You may want to include a unique discount to sweeten the purchase. This is the best way of restaurant marketing.

5. Pictures of Food:

High-quality, gloomy photos are arguably the best way to promote your restaurant online. Visuals are in high demand online these days, and delicious photos on your website and many social media platforms are important to attract hungry looks.

6. Google Accounts:

Setting up a Google+ account for your restaurant is just as important as creating a Yelp account. This is because when you search for a business on Google, the Knowledge Graph sidebar displays the company details.

Since Google’s Knowledge Graph gets a lot of its information from Google+, it’s a big advantage that your restaurant is listed on Google+ as it provides you with top-notch additional search properties.

7. Add Live Charts:

People will have direct access to your restaurant and a personal touch if your live chat is administered by your reception booth or reservation staff. Potential customers can ask questions in the chat area, and you can take these very important reservations right there.

This is another approach to enticing customers to interact with you, and it’s unlikely that your competitors will continue. So enjoy it.

8. Google Ads:

The majority of people are looking for tasty food near you, and you’ll get your money’s worth by focusing your web marketing efforts on geo-targeted ads. Geo-targeting ads help you save money by ensuring that your ads are only seen by users in specified cities or within a certain radius.

From Google Ads to Facebook and Twitter, several Internet advertising agencies offer geo-targeting advertising alternatives.

9. Give Coupons and Discounts:

Discounts and coupons are always a good approach to get folks in the door. Offer complimentary meals, 10% discounts, or the king of all restaurant deals: the buy one, get one free deal. Here are some popular websites such as Deal Me Coupon that provide you with promo codes and the best deals from different top food restaurants.

10. Customer Loyalty:

Loyal customers need the slightest amount of advertising to attract them back, and they’re also more likely to tell their friends about your business. For example, they are wonderful for word of mouth. Only a fantastic dining experience – good food, a beautiful interior, a sense of value to the consumer, etc. – can lead to loyalty.

However, with the loyalty program and returning consumer rewards programs, you can actively promote loyalty. You can manage everything yourself or work with a loyalty-oriented app provider.


After reading this article, you are now able to do the best marketing for your restaurant and can get your maximum lead generations (permanent customers). So, do follow all the restaurant marketing strategies to grow your business even better.

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