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How To Pass Your MNS Exam And Advance Your Nursing Career

Any nurse who intends to join the military must take the Military Nursing Service exam. Among other things, the MNS exam is intended to evaluate your capability in the nursing field. Remember, joining the defense forces is a calling. It requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. Thus, if you have decided to join the military, you are on the right track. However, you will need to take an exam. The following tips and tricks will help you clear your MNS exam and interview.


An MNS exam, which is usually administered to female military aspirants, covers several areas of nursing. As a nurse, it’s important to sharpen your skills before taking the MNS exam. Preferably, consider enrolling for postgraduate nursing courses online before taking the exam. It will equip you with the skills you need to succeed in this career.  Here are the top tips for passing your MNS exam:

Interview Tips

Like any interview, an MNS interview is unique. You will be asked several questions. Most of these questions will relate to your profession. Before going for an interview, it’s important to sharpen your skills.

Plus, the competition for these positions is very high. That’s why you should make thorough preparations. You will be asked questions touching on general English, basic Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. They will also ask questions that test your general intelligence.

In general English, you should prepare areas relating to reading comprehension, vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, etc. Thus, prepare well. Go through your books. Go to general English materials. There are several online resources you can use to score high during your interview.

Also, familiarize yourself with general intelligence. Don’t answer questions you don’t understand. Take your time to understand the questions first. These questions are intended to test your general as well as mental awareness. They will test your reasoning. General intelligence will also asses your problem-solving skills. You will also be asked questions touching on general knowledge. Here, these questions will cover the MNS syllabus and general science.

MNS Exam Tips

Understand the MNS syllabus. Familiarize yourself with the exam patterns. Know the selection process. Design a timetable that will enable you to earn consistently. Analyze your abilities from time to time. Solve mock tests to evaluate your performance.

Revise well. Come up with a revision schedule. Regular revision will help you master most of the nursing concepts easily. Avoid last-minute revision.

The panel will select candidates based on:

  • The attitude—The interviewers want candidates with the right attitude. Remember, this is a demanding career path. They need candidates who are willing to go the extra mile to deliver excellent results.
  • Intelligence—Intelligence is all about how you solve problems, relate with others, and respond to emergencies.
  • Inner skills—Inner skills are personal traits in a candidate. For instance, you should have excellent listening skills. Also, you should be a detail-oriented nurse.

How To Take Your Nursing Career To The Next Level

Whether you are just beginning your career or established nurse, making the right moves is very important. The moves you take will determine your success in the future. Advancing your career goes beyond just getting the right papers. Here are the top ways of advancing your nursing career.

Choose A Mentor

The nursing field is complex. Often, nurses find difficulties when dealing with challenges relating to their careers. Handling these challenges on your own can be overwhelming. That’s why you should seek guidance from an experienced nurse.

Look for a mentor. Look for the right sponsors. They will guide you when it comes to making important career choices. Mentors are critical in providing meaningful industry insights that can help you mature professionally. Find executives who are willing to invest and mentor you. They will help you develop in all areas, positioning you for the best future opportunities.


Consider narrowing your focus. There are several areas of specialization in the nursing arena. Choose a single specialization and focus on it. Became certified in a specific specialty area. It will take your career to the next level.

Get certified by reputable organizations and associations. Take a master’s degree in a specific area. Master the ins and outs of your specialty. Develop passion in your area of specialization.

Nursing Blogs

Improve your exposure. Consider subscribing to top nursing blogs. Get involved. Know what they are doing. Learn about emerging trends in the nursing industry. Go through the resources in these blogs. Get all the industry news.

Being informed is a demonstration that you can be a future leader in the healthcare industry. Through these blogs, you will familiarize yourself with top cutting-edge technologies, ideas, and other important industry skills. You will learn from seasoned experts. These blogs are essential when it comes to mastering healthcare systems and improving patient care outcomes.

Join Nursing Professional Organization

Joining professional nursing organizations comes with several perks. For instance, professional organizations will open your networks. You will interact with senior and accomplished nurses.

You will also access different nursing incentives. Through these organizations, you can receive invitations, healthcare convention discounts, and training materials. You can use these associations to access continuing training materials and courses, which can propel your nesting career to another new level.

Additionally, nursing associations are a good source of referrals. You can secure your dream job opportunities through these associations. They are instrumental in supplementing your nursing job search.

State Your Ambitions

Don’t keep quiet. Let people know what you intend to achieve. Let them know about your key areas of interest. Letting your seniors know your interests can lead to promotions. Your supervisor can recommend you to another better position within the same organization.

Additionally, expressing your interests can see you get into committees and boards—which are instrumental in shaping your future career.

The Bottom-Line

Military nurses are paid well. They also have access to exciting incentives. This is a fulfilling career. However, not everybody can join the military as a nurse. There are certain qualities you should possess. Plus, you will be subjected to a written exam and an oral interview. Use the above tips and tricks to pass your NMS written exam and oral interview.

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