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Are wooden canes better in the winter?

Winter can bring its share of challenges for the elderly or people with a loss of autonomy. Despite the efforts of our municipalities, it is not uncommon to see our sidewalks covered in ice and snow. It is therefore important to adapt our “walking aids” to make them even safer at this time of year.

Walk outside safely

walking aids

The term “walking aids” encompasses several support devices that allow an elderly or disabled person to move more easily and above all, more safely. Lumbuy is the best known are the wooden walking cane.

A comforting and warm arm

Ah yes, don’t forget the arm of a spouse or a friend! Again, although comforting, it is necessary to ensure that the accompanying person is also well anchored to the ground. On the ice, whatever her age and level of autonomy, she should consider wearing crampons under her boots. It is easy to get some in some pharmacies, sports equipment stores or even in hardware stores. No one should pass without!

The walking stick

Let’s go back to walking aids and talk more specifically about the cane. Whatever the season, here are some tips for walking with a cane:

  • The cane should be held on the stronger side of the person or on the side opposite the injured or sore leg
  • The cane must be advanced simultaneously with the injured leg;
  • To climb stairs, start with the leg opposite the cane
  • To go down, on the contrary, you have to place the cane on the lower step.

To know more

The little extra that makes all the difference!

In winter, to move around safely, we strongly recommend the use of an ice pick. A small tool to help people whose balance is precarious to get out despite the winter and the slippery sidewalks. This little addition to your rod will make all the difference. Here are the advantages of this accessory

  • Sticks to ice for greater safety;
  • Easily attaches to your wooden cane;
  • Folds up easily when not in use
  • Easy to install and remove at the end of winter;
  • Fits all regular size canes and crutches;
  • Fitted with strong stainless steel spikes;

Why choose Lumbuy


Lumbuy is well known brand and always offers high quality products that match all the security measures. If you are buying wooden walking canes from lumbuy you are buying quality product.

Affordable prices;

You need anything else if you are having quality product at affordable prices. Lumbuy offers you high quality products at comparably low prices.

Online order:

You can easily order your wooden walking canes without proving any sensitive information. You just have to make a single click. Some online stores require long form filling sing up process that make you irate.


In winter roods become slipping and we need support so wooden walking canes are best for winter. You can visit our store for more information. All the contact us information if available on our official website.

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