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While many people use Gmail because of its user-friendly layout, the manner it handles user privacy is disturbing. As Google’s influence rises, more and more email users are looking for alternatives. We’ll go through the top emailing systems to utilise instead of Gmail in this post. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s so bad with Gmail, and what alternatives users may use instead.

Reasons to switch to a more secure email service:

While Gmail is the world’s most popular email service because to its user-friendliness and integrations, Gmail users struggle when it issues of privacy. Gmail users’ privacy has been jeopardized on several occasions. The most prominent example occurred in 2018, when the Wall Street Journal released a piece indicating otherwise a year after Google announced it would stop reading user emails for tailored adverts.

Third-party applications began giving automatic trip route ideas, pricing comparisons, and other services by scanning Gmail users’ inboxes. Google did not respond to the matter soon away, and it demonstrated how easily free email accounts like Gmail may be hacked. As a result, every Internet user must at least consider looking for an alternate email service.

Best Gmail alternatives:


ProtonMail is a Gmail alternative that was launched in 2013 and is currently one of the most well-known. User data is protected by strong Swiss privacy regulations because the company’s servers are located in Switzerland. It’s also cross-platform, so you can send secure emails to those who use other email services.

What’s crucial to know is that all new users get 500 MB of storage for free, and they may upgrade to several of the three Premium package if they need more. You may then increase your storage to 20 GB and utilise custom domains. Furthermore, the ProtonMail inbox is contemporary and simple to use, making it a user-friendly option. It also includes options for importing the most crucial information from your Gmail account.

AT&T Webmail

AT&T Webmail is a Yahoo-powered email service. You’ll find a convenient interface with local and national news headlines, local weather, sports scores, shopping data, games, chat, but also on the site, one spot where you can login into your account.

When you are ready to check your mail, everything you need to know or get sidetracked (in a good way!) is right there. You could recall checking movie timings when you might otherwise have forgotten. You’ll feel right at home on the AT&T Webmail website if you’re used to the Yahoo Mail page. The design is unique, and the background is the familiar AT&T orange.

Zoho Mail:

Zoho Mail was designed with companies in mind, but it also caters to individuals. You may be familiar with their password manager, but they also provide encrypted email.

S/MIME end-to-end encryption is included with your mailbox, but it also employs SSL or TLS. You may add two-factor verification to your inbox by using Touch ID, TOTPs, or other methods. If convenience is more essential to you, they provide applications for most platforms that integrate with your calendar and notes.

You may contact customer service at any time if you have a problem with your Zoho Mail account. By choosing this email service, you will have access to top-notch security and privacy protections, as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


Tutanota is widely regarded as the first email service to provide end-to-end encryption. It was started in Germany in 2011 and currently has millions of users all around the world. Its success stems in part from the fact that its software is open-source, and anybody may view its source code on GitHub. This openness is really beneficial and makes this service dependable. Furthermore, Tutanota’s revenue strategy is exclusively based on user donations and Premium memberships. The firm does not make money from adverts.

It’s a popular choice among worldwide activists and journalists working with sensitive data and fighting for privacy.

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