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How Twin Flame Relationships Work

Many of us go through life hoping that one day we will find our soul mate, and most people have heard of the idea of a soul mate.

What is perhaps less common is the idea of a twin flame relationship. In reality, the twin flame connection might be what we’re looking for, or maybe what we need most.

Chances are you have never heard of such a relationship as it is not talked about as much as the concept of a soul mate.

However, meeting your twin flame can be a powerful soul counter that you wouldn’t want to miss. In this article you will learn a lot about twin relationships and how they work.

What is a twin flame relationship?

According to experts, this type of relationship occurs because our soul is divided into two identical halves at birth, one of these halves remaining with us and the other going to a person who is our “mirror”. In this way we are eternally connected to our soul mate.

In a twin flame relationship, two people bond together and find that they are the perfect balance for each other.

One can be an introvert, the other an extrovert. Regardless of the exact qualities of each person, in such relationships, two people bring to the surface the parts of the other that need healing.

Simply put, a twin flame relationship occurs when two people come together and feel like they have met the other half of their soul. When this happens, there is such a strong connection that it is impossible to hide it.

25 signs you’ve found your twin flame relationship

If you think you have found your twin flame, some signs can help confirm if this is the case.

Here are 25 signs you’ve met your twin flame:

1. When you meet, you feel at home.

2. It feels like it has been known before or has been known for a lifetime.

3. You find yourself beginning to make positive changes in your life after meeting your twin flame.

4. When you tell the stories of your life, the two of you have different similarities in origin or education.

5. Discover that the areas in which it is weak are the strengths of its twin flame.

6. You feel strongly attached to your twin flame, despite the age difference.

7. They can feel the emotions of others even when they are not physically together.

8. You two struggle to function when you are apart.

9. They have unconditional love for each other.

10. Negative traits or baggage that would be “deciding factors” in another relationship are excusable with a twin flame.

11. Testing each other’s limits is a regular part of the relationship.

12. Their relationship started when she wasn’t expecting it, like when the two of them were already in a seemingly happy relationship.

13. The bond between the two of you can be so strong that one or both of you feel overwhelmed and try to leave the relationship.

14. You and your twin flame try to separate or separate several times, but you keep getting back together.

15. The ups and downs are a normal part of the relationship; you balance between extreme passion and pain.

16. If you look back at other relationships, you will notice that none of them can be compared to your relationship with your twin flame.

17. You feel like other relationships in life have prepared you for your twin flame.

18. You and your 1222 angel number twin flame can pick up each other’s thoughts and feelings, almost telepathically.

19. Any emotional reaction to the relationship seems exaggerated; happy times, for example, are intensely joyful, but bad times can be horrible.

20. There is a high level of empathy between you and your partner.

21. There is an immediate sense of familiarity when you and your 1212 angel number twin flame come together.

22. Although they are very similar in many respects, the areas in which they differ are complementary. For example, if your twin flame has a hard time paying attention to detail, you can be particularly attentive to detail so that you can help your partner compensate.

23. Feel a magnetic connection with your partner as if they are physically attracted to each other.

24. The relationship can seem tumultuous or difficult as it challenges you to grow up and deal with parts of yourself that you previously felt uncomfortable with.

25. You and your twin flame challenge each other to improve and become the best version of yourself.

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