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Card Payment Machines UK

For small businesses that need to accept payments, card payment machines are an invaluable asset. Not only are they user-friendly and convenient for your customers to use – no longer do they have to wait in line for cash! With these convenient devices in place, taking payments has never been simpler!

These wireless card machines can be operated from virtually any location within your facility. They connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, with some models also supporting 3G data transmission.

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Wireless card payment machines are an ideal way to accept payments anywhere in your shop or business. They enable customers to take payments away from the till or EPOS machine, providing them with a more flexible checkout experience.

No matter if you are a large chain store or small independent shop, card readers are an indispensable tool for any business that accepts debit and credit cards. They enable payment processing quickly and securely without the risk of human error.

When selecting a card reader, ensure it has all the features you require and is compatible with your merchant account provider. Furthermore, ensure it can take multiple types of secure payments such as Chip & PIN and contactless methods like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Another thing to consider is whether the machine has a secure network connection or not. The faster the connection, the quicker payments can be processed and funds will reach your bank account more quickly.

Most portable wireless card readers attach directly to your Wi-Fi network and link directly to your business’ card processing system. While this may be the most economical choice when it comes to mobile credit card machines, make sure that the Wi-Fi signal can cover all areas where customers may pay.

The ideal portable wireless card machines will also feature a long-life battery, so you don’t have to worry about charging it daily. This makes running your business smoother since there’s never an interruption due to lack of power.

Finally, when selecting a wireless card machine, make sure it can accept chip and PIN or contactless payments from the customer’s card or digital wallet. These methods have become increasingly popular with shoppers and small businesses as they provide greater security than cash or credit cards do.

In order to accept card payments on a wireless card machine, they must first be authorized by an account provider. Typically, this will cost between PS15 and PS30 per month, though costs may differ between providers.


Card payments have now overtaken cash payments for the first time, making mobile credit and debit card machines an indispensable resource for businesses. These simple handheld devices connect to a smartphone and accept various forms of secure payment such as chip-and-pin or contactless methods like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

The process is straightforward – once a customer swipes or inserts their card, it sends a transaction request to the payment processor who checks that funds are available in the account. If approved, money is transferred directly into the merchant’s bank account, processed and deposited accordingly.

These card readers are an ideal solution for small businesses that don’t want to invest in a countertop or EPOS machine. They’re lightweight and affordable, plus you have the option of renting or purchasing them outright.

iZettle is one of the most popular mobile card reader options, offering easy use and 30-percent longer battery life than competitors. They’re compatible with both Android and iOS devices, accepting all major credit cards – and deposit money into your account within one day!

Zettle by PayPal stands out among other companies by not requiring a contract and charging just an affordable per-transaction fee (1.69% to 2.5%). As there are no ongoing costs involved, Zettle by PayPal makes them the ideal solution for small businesses seeking an easy, cost-effective way to start accepting card payments.

SumUp is another viable option for small businesses, offering some of the lowest transaction fees in the UK at just 1.69% for the first year. This deal is ideal for companies that don’t know how many transactions they will process each month or are processing variable amounts.

Takepayments is a reliable provider of card terminals and online payment solutions. Their range of card reader models are ideal for retail, hospitality and food service environments with some of the lowest transaction fees around.

Worldpay is an ideal option for small businesses that need a range of payment solutions tailored to their turnover. They provide various card readers and contract lengths, so you can find the system that works best for your company. Furthermore, Worldpay provides various card processing rates so you can find the most cost-effective plan at Worldpay.


Card payment machines are essential tools for any small business that accepts credit or debit cards. As cash payments have decreased significantly in recent years, the need for a reliable card reader is more critical than ever before.

Countertop card payment machines are a common choice in UK stores and offer the highest level of security thanks to their physical PIN pad. They’re ideal for businesses with fixed till points, such as grocery or small stores, and come in various types to suit your needs.

For countertop card readers, the Ingenico Desk 5000 and Axium DX8000 are two popular models that provide excellent performance for merchants. These high-quality devices provide reliable support to most businesses.

These devices plug into either a broadband connection or phone line and can accept chip-and-PIN, swipe, and contactless card payments as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and more. Most also support digital wallets like PayPal and some will even print receipts upon demand.

Alternatively, some portable card machines are designed for on-site use and utilize Wi-Fi technology to process card transactions. They’re popular in restaurants and cafes alike but also provide retailers with mobility at their point of sale.

These card machines don’t come with any contractual obligations or monthly fees, though there may be some inactivity charges after 10 months without card payments. Nevertheless, these aren’t particularly significant and shouldn’t cause any issues unless your customer base is particularly large or you process a high volume of credit or debit card purchases regularly.

SumUp is one of the best options on the market, offering a low initial transaction fee of only 1.69% (the lowest we’ve seen in the UK). That way, you won’t need to worry about fluctuating costs and each transaction has an established price point.

If you’re searching for a more flexible and budget-conscious solution, Takepayments offers monthly rolling or short 12-month contracts. However, the minimum card turnover requirement of PS2,000 to qualify is necessary in order to take advantage of these deals; thus they’re best suited if your turnover is large and there’s an excellent chance of beating it each month.


Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) is a software and hardware system designed to assist businesses in processing sales transactions. It can also be utilized for stock control, customer data management and insights into business performance.

EPOS systems are designed to make the sales process as efficient as possible, from accepting digital payments and storing information securely. They do this by connecting various devices together, such as a central touchscreen terminal that accepts credit card payments and a receipt printer.

Typically, an EPOS system comes with a fixed card machine at the till. But there are plenty of portable options for small businesses as well that let you take payments on-the-go – these are commonly referred to as mobile tills and can be an excellent way to increase revenue.

In addition to a card machine, you’ll require an EPOS system and merchant account. With these, you are able to process card payments – this may be free or require payment of either an annual fee depending on which provider you select.

Payment companies such as Takepayments offer card machines for small businesses at no cost, though setting them up can be expensive. Therefore, research the best deals before you commit.

For small businesses, the Zettle Card Reader 2 is the top choice. This all-inclusive solution is lightweight and user friendly, at a great price point of PS19 + VAT. Plus, it boasts convenient EPOS integration similar to Square’s.

Another option is the TableYeti integrated card machine, which works with ePOS Now and offers several advantages. Not only does it save your waiting staff time, but it can also improve reporting accuracy as well. When a guest pays with their card, an ePOS Now transaction report is generated so you know the total charged has been matched up correctly.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to an integrated card machine, make sure the company provides support and advice as well as 24/7 help desk support. This is especially important if you have many questions or issues with the new system.

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