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What Is the Difference Between a Used Car and a Certified Pre-Owned Car?

Most families in Florida have a car, and some have even more than one car in the house because each member requires their vehicle to travel. So if you think families with more than one car are wealthy and can afford to buy a first-hand car, it isn’t technically what you believe. Thousands of people buy a pre-owned car every year, and there is nothing wrong with making such a decision.

There are quite a few reputed dealers in Florida that own used and certified pre-owned cars. And in this article, you will learn more about the differences between a used and a certified pre-owned vehicle. It indeed is a confusing question for many of you. Therefore, you must stay and read this article until the end to better understand the differences and advantages of buying either of the two. So, without further ado, scroll down to explore more.

The Difference Between a Used and CPO Car

When you search for pre-owned cars online, you will find two categories of vehicles; one will be used cars, and the other will be certified pre-owned vehicles. As such, a used car indicates a vehicle with previous owners who sold their car to a private or local car dealer. Meanwhile, a certified pre-owned vehicle is a used car that an expert car dealer has inspected, and all its imperfections are highlighted and corrected before it goes out for sale.

A CPO vehicle comes with a warranty to give the buyer more confidence and trust in the vehicle and its performance. And you can find Certified pre-owned cars and used cars at an authorized local car dealer. Now, each of these categories has its own peculiarities. So scroll down and read to know how to make a wise decision based on your requirements.


When you choose to buy a certified pre-owned car, you have the assurance that it is as good as a newly purchased car. And the dealer selling a certified vehicle is usually a seller of a particular car brand or is an automobile dealer who has a variety of vehicles. The cars you get under the CPO category will not have any accident history. Also, the vehicle shortlisted for certified pre-owned cars is only a few years old and has a low run. 

The advantage of choosing a certified pre-owned car is that you know that all its parts are functioning correctly and have to be thoroughly tested by a certified car expert. So, if there is slight damage to the vehicle, you can quickly claim its warrant from the car dealer. Meanwhile, the only thing to think about buying a certified pre-owned car is that it is slightly more expensive than a used vehicle. But the price is worth the service it provides to the buyer. So if you have a decent financial capacity to buy a second-hand vehicle, you must choose certified cars without a doubt.

Some additional benefits you achieve by choosing a certified pre-owned vehicle are:

  • Roadside assistance such as towing in case of emergency.
  • A year or at least six months warranty.
  • Complete inspection and refurbishment of the vehicle before purchase.
  • Easy return within the first few days of purchase.

Used Car

This is a traditional pre-owned car that does not go under any inspection. At the time of purchase of a used vehicle, the dealer checks the vehicle’s body condition and the performance of necessary functions of the vehicle. The dealer then does not invest a lot of money to fix the vehicle’s problems and puts it out for sale in the state where it was brought to them by its previous owners. Of course, the dealer buys a used car based on their guidelines for choosing a vehicle, but it doesn’t mean that it will certainly be suitable for you.

So if you are alright with paying a lesser cost for a vehicle and fixing the problem after purchasing it, you can invest in a used vehicle. Moreover, it will not come with any warranty from the dealer’s side, and once you buy it, the responsibility is entirely yours.

So, do you still want to learn more and know the technical aspect of certified and non-certified cars? If so, you should get in touch with a prominent and trusted dealer in Florida.

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