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Use MacBook for business? Check out these features!

Retaining your privacy won’t be easy with the rising cyber attacks, but VPN would work for you when online. If you use Macs, either when shopping online or when doing sensitive journalistic research, you won’t feel safe if your service providers access your information. The most important thing is that setting up a VPN on Macs is easy. Therefore, this would help your business as your info will remain safe.

What is the best laptop for business and personal use? 

It is a fact that Apple and Mac products have additional features that Windows PC does not have. With its compatibility with other Apple products, this premium appearance may tempt you when you are looking for a new computer to buy. 

Do more businesses use Mac or PC? 

Some users prefer using Windows PCs to Mac because they have not had Macs experience and depending on their professional and personal needs. 

Why Should Businesses Use Mac?

Mac can be configured to access basic user account details in a Microsoft Active Directory domain of all windows 2000 and later versions. The Directory Utility Service Pane displays the Active Directory connector, and it has all the details required for Mac OS startup features from standard attributes in Active Directory personal accounts. Using Mac programs will enable you to employ new skills on new support and provision of other devices. 

We have listed the must have Mac apps to make your business more efficient:


VeePN changes our perception of how we look at our safety online when using the MacBook app. If you have been impacted negatively by VPNs in the past, you should now understand that VPN is the best app to go for now because it offers free VPN download for Mac. 

Most organizations use VPNs today to allow remote workers to get the organization’s data or create a shared network between different offices. Generally, this is done to protect data from being exposed to hackers and avoid web traffic, therefore, get the best VPN service Mac for advanced security. When using a public Wi-Fi network, it would help if you would use a MacBook VPN on your Mac device to protect you from online attackers. VPN on Mac also allows you to access streaming sites in other countries or keep your browsing private from your internet providers.


Available for all iOS devices, Todoist is the best note-taking and organization app available for all Ios devices that make you more efficient when handling your projects—on both personal and professional levels.

This app offers the best features for free, including task creations, browser extensions, and interactive boards, which help you organize your notes.


Bear is a one of a kind note-taking app which is efficient for Mac users to write down notes at any time. With this app, you can create your to-do list, make concepts to revisit in future, and create reminders.

This app comes with different inbuilt styles; therefore, you can customize your work according to your preference and have in mind what context you wrote them in. 


Text expander functions similarly as its name suggests. You can expand your text automatically or type a short snippet of text.

For instance, it is possible to make a custom expansion that conjures a full paragraph by typing the required abbreviations continuously. When you have familiarized yourself with the task, typing many words won’t be necessary.

Keyboard Maestro

Even though Keyboard Maestro is an old app, it is efficient and makes your life easier. With this app, you can manage any amount of tasks automatically using key combinations or making a wireless connection. 


The Otter app is found on Mac and is good for individuals who hate taking notes. It uses an automatic voice recognition system and note-taking app that will help you transcribe your conversations, keep notes during meetings, and even take contextual notes to yourself in your own time.

What makes Otter the best app is that it is free to get started!


OmniFocus was purposely made to ensure proper time management. It has a separate interface where you can tag your scheduled events and tasks and control other features automatically.

This is among the best problem-solving techniques in the market. Therefore, there is more information to learn from it. 

The Bottom Line

These productive Macbook apps should make you productive in everyday life, but these are not the only tools you have to make your business successful.

Create yourself some time and learn more experiments on such life hacks to make your businesses more effective with other free mac apps.  Device upgrades, free VPN downloads, their general outlook and focus will enable you to do more work like never before and love your work. Connect to VPN on Mac to get started.

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