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4 Unique Filipino Businesses

Not everyone is suited for a lifestyle with a day job that lasts from 9-5. For this reason, more people venture towards setting up their own businesses and freelancing. 

As of 2018, an estimated number (2%) of the Filipino population are freelancers. In addition, more have branched out to build their own small enterprises and cultivated online businesses, especially with the pandemic. 

As fun as a business sounds, the road to carving your own business empire starts with a single step. It will take challenges, setbacks, failure, and a lot more but don’t be sad: there is always plenty of room for your own growth and self-improvement, especially if you keep moving forward. 

Online Selling

It’s no secret that Filipinos love their shopping and social media. Combine these two together – and you’ll be surprised how competitive they get over a certain good. For online selling, your starting capital ranges from PHP 5,000 to PHP 10,000. Thanks to the internet, you can now profit from selling from the comfort of your home. 

Starting your online selling business can be as easy as pie. You would need a good internet connection, a device, a phone, and a laptop that can handle basic business functions. Lastly, you would need products to sell. You can purchase your products in bulk sizing and resell them online. 

Online Tutoring

With online classes, a lot of students have a hard time focusing. However, this pain point can be profitable through online tutoring. If you love children and teaching and are well-versed in basic academic subject concepts, you can try online tutoring. With a budget as small as 2,000, you can set yourself up for success in online tutoring. 

Not only are you profiting, but also keeping yourself safe with online tutoring. Aside from the traditional Math and Science tutoring, you can think outside the box and offer non-academic tutoring. For example, you can offer art lessons in digital art, watercolor painting, and singing. 

Rice Retailing

Rice is life in the Philippines. Having your own rice retailing business means a steady influx of new and old loyal customers. The starting capital for a rice retailing business amounts to a range of PHP 75,000 to PHP 120,000. In addition, you must get a license from the National Food Authority (NFA) and the necessary government permits for your business to run smoothly. 

For permits, you can secure the help of an assistance entity such as FilePino. You can book a meeting with someone from FilePino through

Writing Services

For budding entrepreneurs with a knack for writing, why not pursue it? There are many ways you can profit from it, including writing services. You can offer SEO blogs, guest posting, and blogging for your writing services. 

With a capital of P2,000, you can obtain a web domain address and hosting plan. Follow the footsteps of successful bloggers such as Project Vanity by monetizing partnerships, sponsored posts, and Google AdSense.

In addition, if you like writing on the fiction side, you can find clients on UpWork. You can also pursue ghostwriting. If you are brave and risky enough, you can venture towards self-publishing. Despite its costs, I’m sure the feeling of seeing your words in print is a priceless experience! 

Author’s Bio:

Angelo Castelda works as a contributor for a news magazine in Asia. He loves to learn and understand diverse cultures and aims to share through his writing his experiences around the world.

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