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Follow these steps to score good marks in online aptitude test

In this article, I am going to give some advice on scoring good marks in online aptitude tests. The best way for you to follow these steps is to do them before the test begins. This will ensure that you have a great chance of scoring well!

Step 1: 

Study the pattern and formulae used by the test makers. Most exams will keep their pattern hidden from you unless you study their approach – therefore, it is necessary that when time comes, you know what they expect from you so that they can gauge your performance and score. Most Aptitude Tests are constructed with a pattern or a formula that is used by the test makers to construct their questions. You would want to be familiar with this pattern and how it is used in the test so that you are able to give good answers at times.

Step 2: 

Learn how your Subject Areas (SAs) will be tested. Your test makers will provide you with information about your particular subject areas that will be tested, which helps you to know better what you may expect from them. For instance, if one SA is being tested, then there can only be one kind of question for it. For instance, if one SA is being tested in Mathematics then there will always be mostly addition and subtraction questions for that SA. Also, when you get to the question set for that SA you will know what kind of questions can be expected from it.

Step 3: 

Go through your past aptitude test and look at the pattern used by them. This is also very important to master as you can get a good idea on what to expect for some kind of a test before even starting it.

Step 4: 

Learn the pattern used by the test makers. Once you have grasped the pattern and formulae that they use, it is easy to master when you read the question set and know what they are looking for you to do. For instance, if a question is asking for some kind of an addition or subtraction problem, then you would want to be able to solve that kind of problem well. If a question is about remembering or drawing information from something, then you would have enough knowledge about that subject so that you can answer those questions well!

Step 5: 

Go through your past Aptitude Tests and look at the errors made by previous candidates.

How to prepare for an online aptitude test?

It’s the day of the big interview and you’re sitting in front of your computer with sweaty palms. One thing is certain: you have to ace this online aptitude test.

But here’s a secret — it doesn’t have to be so difficult. The trick is to know what kind of questions they’ll ask, and prepare accordingly! That way, when they throw them out at you all over again, you’ll feel like an old pro and won’t miss a beat this time around.

Like so many other aspects in life, preparing for an online aptitude test is about foreseeing what you may be up against and preparing accordingly.

So let’s start with knowing the type of questions you might face and what to expect specifically. Once you’ve got a solid grasp on that, you’re well on your way!


Online aptitude test questions fall into four categories: Verbal, Numerical, Algebraic and General Knowledge. But as anyone who has sat for an aptitude test knows, every type of question is not created equal. Here are a few types to get familiar with so that when you start your prep for online aptitude test feel prepared overall.

Verbal questions are nothing more than your everyday English questions involving spelling, vocabulary and grammar — nothing too crazy. 

Eliminate any choice that has multiple words like ‘blue-green’ since that’s typically an indication to read carefully for additional information (i.e., other words) regarding the subject in question.

A good way to tackle such questions is to read the sentence carefully and expect at least one of the answers to be the ‘correct’ answer while others could be distracting. At first, try a literal translation of the sentence using the first word that pops in your head as a response — so if you’re asked which word doesn’t belong, choose ‘black-black’.

If that doesn’t work, then try switching up your approach and choosing a word based on its meaning (e.g., blue-green) rather than its spelling or colour. If that still doesn’t work, try out all three words in order and see which one sounds right (or wrong).

Benefits of online aptitude test:

No Prep and No Stress

When you do not have to go into a big building in order to take a test, or wait around for long periods of time just so you can take it, the process is much less stressful. And why would you have to worry about stress when it comes to an aptitude test? Because even though it is supposed to be a fun activity, you still may find yourself worried about whether or not this is the moment where your entire life turns out differently from what you expected. It’s kind of like taking your SATs all over again. And you don’t need to worry about that because there are plenty of places online where hiring managers offer free assessments.

You’ll have all the time you need to take your test and see exactly how well you would do on it. It’s like having the luxury of asking for a copy of your favourite movie without having to go out and pay money for it when some people might find that frustrating or annoying. Another bonus is that you can also check out the answers to any questions that you might have trouble with before moving on.

When you take a free online aptitude test, you aren’t taking it because you have some sense of obligation in terms of school requirements or because it’s part of a necessary job application process. You are taking it because you want to. You are not forced into doing something that will make your day stressful, but instead doing something fun and interesting. It’s like getting an opportunity to see what you want for dinner, rather than being forced to eat the same thing every single day when everyone around is telling you how horrible the new restaurant would be for your health.

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