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BOWWE: The Best Website Builder for Design Freedom

If you’re a web designer, then you know how important it is to have a powerful website builder at your disposal. With BOWWE, you can easily create any type of project in minutes, instead of hours or days. And best of all, you don’t need to write any code! In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features and benefits of BOWWE Builder and see why it’s the perfect tool for freelance web designers.

What is BOWWE?

BOWWE is a no-code, low-code tool that allows you to create Websites, Landing Pages, Portfolios, CVs, and Micro Pages. 

The No-Code and Low-Code tools are distinguished by the fact that you only need minimal or no programming knowledge to use them.

It’s an excellent tool for freelancers and agencies because it allows you to handle multiple clients quickly and conveniently, completing top-quality projects for them.

Moreover, BOWWE Creator provides all the necessary solutions to build a successful business that can develop in every possible direction without hiring a group of specialists such as programmers.

BOWWE unique features

I have already mentioned what BOWWE is and what advanced NoCode & LowCode features it has. But what distinguishes this creator from the competition? What exciting features does it offer? Let’s take a closer look at it!

Top-notch code

You should really care about it, even if you genuinely hate programming. But does that mean you will have to write lines in HTML?

Not. BOWWE is and will always be a No-Code creator. But unlike other No-Code builders on the market, this builder takes great care to keep the code quality at a high level. The creators of BOWWE claim that the creator currently creates websites at the web developer level with over 2 years of experience, and their goal is to further develop the tool to make them even better!

Roughly, it means that BOWWE intuitively connects all the elements on your website. Thanks to this, they remain connected with each other in a relative way, which has a very good effect on all aspects of your website: from positioning to loading speed. The better a search engine is able to read the code behind your website, the higher it will rank it. And that means traffic and conversion for you!

Remember: With BOWWE you won’t have to; never program – the platform will automatically take care of the quality of your code and you will not have to do anything.

Superior Search Engine Positioning

If you have clients online, then having a website is one of the best ways to reach them – but only if they can find you easily online with landing pages, and link pages with the BOWWE website builder.

With the BOWWE platform, you can relax knowing your pages have superb SEO to help them ace the search rankings using this website builder. The rapid growth of your positions in search results is yet another advantage provided by the platform’s superior website code.

Your site will have a higher chance to rank on the first page of the SERPs (search engine templaresults pages) and achieve much higher levels of traffic than the competition with BOWWE website builders with pre-designed templates to create pages like landing pages using custom designs.

The best part is that you don’t have to be an eCommerce or IT expert to create an SEO-friendly website and promote your business online. You don’t even require web design experience because the intuitive dashboard guides you through the SEO settings to ensure that you have all the basics for great SEO in place.

Super Responsive and Compatible with All Devices

You don’t want to limit the accessibility of your site by making it seem bad on any device other than a desktop computer. The vast majority of website visitors nowadays access the web via mobile devices. So in that scenario, a website must fit perfectly on mobile too.

When a page fails to become responsive, Google sees a drop in revenue and traffic. Accordingly, they have no interest in improving their search engine rankings. In contrast to most other website builders, where you’d have to manually configure and adjust some settings to make the site responsive, this one does it all for you.

Nonetheless, what I appreciate most about this website builder is how it mechanically generates responsiveness characteristics in your website, which results in your website looking fantastic on any device. You don’t have to create a separate version of the page – BOWWE automatically creates versions of the page to suit any screen resolution!

You won’t have to worry about whether or not your website will appear fine on a smartphone or tablet device because they provide responsive pre-built templates.

200+ ready-to-use templates

Creating a website based on a template from BOWWE is a proven way to get an entire website. All you have to do is choose one of over 200 high-quality templates, modify it according to your brand communication and add your content. You also don’t have to worry if your chosen template has everything you need. At BOWWE, each template implementation is preceded by a thorough analysis of the industry for which it is created. Thanks to this, it contains all the necessary elements to develop your business. 

Share Anywhere With Just One Click

BOWWE’s strong one-click publish functionality lets you simultaneously post content submissions across your channels with just a single click.

It’s extremely useful for any affiliate marketer, content creator or business which sells via micro pages and landing pages. You can instantly publish your content throughout your website, social media, and other portals, simplifying your marketing and promotional efforts. It really makes your daily work much easier!


While it’s unlikely, you may still run into problems and confusions when building your website, right?

To help with that, BOWWE offers a live-chat feature. You can talk to the team even from the builder page, when building your website in real-time.

Once you’re connected to a support representative, they’re fast and offer actionable help rather than just guides & links.

Premium plans provide access to priority support but I need to admit that I really enjoy the support in a basic version!

Unlimited Number of Pages

BOWWE provides each user with a limitless number of pages, guaranteeing no limit to your online potential as you construct your website, add content, and expand over time.

BOWWE Reviews

In January 2022, BOWWE was voted the Best Website & Landing Page Builder by the digital marketplace platform AppSumo. They achieved the best overall score (4.95/5.00) among Website Builders from the platform users (entrepreneurs, marketing and development professionals)!

Now they’re gaining new users, positive reviews, and feedback from worldwide. Business owners, marketers, and marketing agencies are delighted to use BOWWE. In the previous weeks, one of the users from Appsumo said, “It’s easy to use as Wix but powerful as Webflow!”

BOWWE Competitors

BOWWE vs WordPress

WordPress is often chosen to create a site because of prevailing opinions that it is easy to use. In reality, however, using it involves several issues that the casual user unfamiliar with coding had no idea about. These include the inability to create a site freely or the requirement to install and update multiple plugins to access more advanced site functionality.

On the other hand, site builders were created to allow anyone to create any site without any IT knowledge. Moreover, they provide access to, for example, advanced SEO settings without the need to install anything and then remember to update it.

Choosing a platform to create a site is not a decision that should be made quickly and without careful research. Remember to look at the long term when selecting the best solution and consider all factors like time, money, ease of editing, SEO capabilities and more.

BOWWE vs LinkTree

If you don’t care about a lot of personalization and you want to use a linking page mainly to display links without any additional elements, then the Linktree most likely would be enough for you. However, if you think about something that will allow you to fully present your offer, BOWWE will surely meet your expectations and well be a great alternative to Linktree!

The Micro Page by BOWWE will not only allow you to place all your links in one place but also present their content. Users won’t have to leave your Micro Page to see your work or your company’s offerings. When most of human life takes place on the Internet, and the use of devices increases every year, you need to ensure that your recipients have easy access to the most essential information quickly and easily, without any complications. Micro Page is the solution that gives you all this and more! Don’t hesitate, and now take your promotion in social media to the next level!

Final Thoughts

BOWWE is founded on the idea that excellence is attainable via diligent effort and that this effort may be facilitated by using only the finest equipment.

This platform aims to create a future in which all businesses have equal access to cutting-edge tools that don’t necessitate technical know-how to use effectively. To that aim, we plan to create a BOWWE-centered community where people can connect and learn from one another’s experiences.

I hope this review answered all your questions. But if not… Your best bet is to log on to BOWWE and test it yourself! Make the initial move and create a free website with BOWWE.

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