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10 Best Apps To Play games online with your friends

Playing a game on your mobile device may be an excellent way to pass the time, unwind, or simply divert your attention away from the problems of the outside world for a little while. To compete against friends, though, makes the experience that much more enjoyable. The progress of technology has made it possible for friends to spend quality time together using their smart gadgets. There are a lot of different interactive family gaming applications, such as rummy, that have been designed to help families and friends have more fun together. While some demand that every player take their turn in order to win, others let players take on roles within the game itself. All these gaming apps, despite their unique characteristics, provide amusement in a cooperative setting.

1.8 Ball Pool

This app will fulfill your demands for a night spent hanging out with buddies at a dive bar playing pool if you’ve been longing for that experience.

The online game of billiards known as 8 Ball Pool is highly addictive and may be played virtually. You have the option to play with complete strangers online whenever you choose, or you can connect the app to your Fb account to see who of your friends are also playing.

2.Minecraft: Pocket Edition 

The gameplay of Pocket Edition is identical to that of the initial PC version. You have the opportunity to play with friends directly, which suggests that you may join the same game through Wi-Fi if both you and your friends are now all linked to the same connection. This feature is included in the option to play with friends.

The best games for playing with your friends 

You may still play the game together as long as you are logged into the same server, even if you aren’t utilizing the same network. One of the most enjoyable experiences you can have with your palms when gaming online is playing Minecraft Pocket. Additionally, it is a wonderful opportunity to bond and spend quality time with the younger members of your family.


You may play the classic buyers and sellers board game with your friends if they have the Monopoly app downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Just tell all your friends to download the app. Even better, there is no board to become frustrated with and flip violently in anger while using the smartphone app after rummy; monopoly is the most played game online. 


These time-honored games, along with a few unique creations from Plato, are just the thing for getting together with far-flung pals. You can compete against one other in a one-on-one match or play in real-time with such a large group. Rummy players sometimes go to these games for a different experience. 

Top 10 games you can play with your friends online 

Users are able to communicate with one another either one-on-one or in groups using the application’s built-in chat system. Plato was formed on the idea that playing video games may assist improve one’s interpersonal connections, and the company’s capability for private messaging as well as group chat reflects this belief. As a result, the company has made it simpler to play games while conversing with other people.


This is straightforward trivia software that has rounds of questions on a variety of distinct subjects and topics. (Imagine Trivial Pursuit but played on your mobile device.) You have the ability to personalize the quiz by selecting questions on subjects such as Disney and global geography.

You can easily play with your pals since you can SMS them links to the game that you’ve established for them to join. You always have the option to compete against complete strangers when your pals aren’t around by playing games online. Most of the platforms have a collection of games, including rummy, quiz, and other games. 


This famous game from the 1960s does not appear to be relevant today, with the possible exception of the 2017 update that provides possibilities for obtaining pets rather than children. Participating in this online game with your pals is a fun way to daydream about the myriad ways in which your life may have gone in a different direction.


You can play the best rummy game here and enjoy it with friends. They offer a wide range of rummy games online. The gaming experience is amazing, and the process is straightforward, so you just need to log in and start playing rummy. You can also earn money while playing once you become a pro at this. 

8.Mario Kart Tour 

The Mario Kart Tour app gives you the opportunity to compete against your pals at breakneck rates. It’s very much the same as if you were playing video games in real life, except that everyone is using their phones. However, in order to have access to this function, you will first need to establish a Nintendo account, engage in some solo gameplay, and succeed in completing the initial challenge.

9.Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty (abbreviated as COD) is among the most prominent first-person shooter video games, both on consoles and personal computers, and its mobile version is currently amongst the most successful first-person shooter games for mobile devices. It offers a variety of games for you to compete in, including classic multiplayer maps from Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which you can play as a 5v5 match for some nostalgic fun, as well as 100-player battle royale games. Within the game’s interface, it is simple to include your pals in your party. If you are a fan of this legendary franchise, Call of Duty: Mobile has become one of the top online shooters that you and your buddies may enjoy together.


This is the ideal alternative for real-life card games for social gatherings of people that like traditional card games.

Playing Uno Online is possible either in the app or on your computer’s desktop. Players may compete against one another in “rooms,” making it possible for buddy groups to play against one another regardless of where they are located on the globe. The online platform for Uno makes it very simple for participants to select the set of rules that will govern their particular game of the card game. For instance, since you and your friends always compete by stacking “Draw 2” cards, you are free to play the game using that strategy.


These are the top 10 gaming apps, including rummy, that you can play with your friends and enjoy anytime. Make sure you try all these games and experience the real thrill of competing with your friends. Enjoy playing games on the GetMega app with your friends and family.

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