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Emberify: Evolution of Instagram Features For Business Sectors

Life is all about evolution. Over time, various changes occurred around us in terms of technology, lifestyle, food habits, and much more. One such excellent technological progress is the impact made by social media platforms. These platforms broadened horizons even for general users. Especially Instagram! It started to blend with our day-to-day lives effortlessly. Opening Instagram first thing in the morning has become a routine for many. Since its launch to till now, it has gone through various changes. 

It is a social media platform for sharing photos and videos. Keeping business in mind, the app has introduced many unique features. Such as 

  • Sponsored ads
  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram reels
  • Instagram live
  • Filters and effects
  • Stories highlights

Among them, the most notable features are Instagram reels and stories. But you need more than just posting to increase your instagram views on stories and reels. Instead, it would be best if you had consistency and quality content on your feed.

In this article, let us get to know the evolution of different Instagram features for business sectors.

Evolution of Instagram Features

Initially, users on Instagram just shared random photos they saw or liked. Such as pictures of their pet animals or favorite cars, films, etc. Later with feature updates and new exploration, it evolved. Now Instagram is the top application used by various business sectors for marketing. 

The Year 2013

One of the main reasons for the popularity rise of Instagram is the introduction of sponsored ads. It was introduced in 2013. Using this option, a user can do sponsored post advertising even to their non-followers. These ads were targeted at the feeds of users based on specific metrics. It just takes a couple of taps to hide this ad if you dislike it.

The Year 2014

Later in 2014, due to the spark created by sponsored ads, Instagram introduced business profiles. 

The Year 2016

In 2016 Instagram stories were released, revealing different ways for a business to market itself. Many companies gained more followers after the introduction of this feature. As a business owner, you can also utilize Instagram Stories Ads to gain traffic with a small investment. Also, you can use Emberify to retain that follower base.

The Year 2017

Later in 2017, Story highlights came to light. It allowed users to post clips on profiles permanently. Story highlights are displayed above the post section. In addition, it enabled users to set a specific theme and title name for the highlights.

The Year 2018

In 2018 adding links in Instagram stories was enabled, which businesses used to link their websites. Later, Instagram introduced product stickers on stories. It made the entire shopping experience easy.

The Year 2019

In 2019 Instagram launched an in-app payment feature that allowed businesses to sell products directly using the app. 

The Year 2020

Lastly, Instagram launched Reels in 2020, which attracted more and more businesses to use this platform. Furthermore, the app released frequent updates and enhanced all the features to keep the user engaged. 

To know more about how businesses utilize these Instagram features, read further.

Top 2 Features of Instagram 

As mentioned above, Instagram gradually evolved and became an apt platform for businesses. Among all the features, the following are the most used and popular features. 

  1. Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are a recent feature update by Instagram. Since its launch, it has been used by billions of people. It is a new way to discover and create videos on Instagram. These are short videos on a vertical screen for up to 60 seconds. Users can: 

  • Record Clips

Using Instagram reels, you can record or upload photos and videos. It also has another option where you can collage pictures and videos. After creating a video, you can use the edit option to create transformation videos or anything creative. Also, you can add filters to make it more exciting and attractive.

  • Add Extra Elements

It also provides users with options like adding music, typing text or adding stickers. You have to click the add music button, which will display the music library. The music library has N number of songs from different artists and languages. You can select the one that suits your video. Likewise, you can choose the appropriate stickers or text and add it to your video.

  • Drawing Tool

A drawing tool is an option that allows you to write or design your post with different colors. You can draw anything you want using your hand. Hence use all the tools and options available to enhance your post. These tools will help you increase the viewer count on your videos. 

The more attractive the post looks, the more viewers you get. Also, You can further enhance your viewer count on every post you upload by opting for Emberify. Then, after completing all your editing, you can finally upload them.

  1. Instagram Stories

Instagram initially added this feature in 2016. Adding this feature is one of the main reasons for its popularity to rise. Since its launch, it has attracted millions of users to explore the platform. On top of your feeds, Instagram Stories appear as little circles. This option allows you to post content available for up to 24 hours. Like Instagram Reels, it has options like question stickers, location stickers, polls, a drawing tool, and a lot more to explore. 

Using this option, a user can showcase their 

  • New product launch.
  • Make Announcements.
  • Detailed descriptions of new offers.
  • Post exciting product boomerang videos.

Why Should a Business Utilize These Features

These features will help a business in many ways. Among them, the most important reasons are the below-mentioned:

  • Increase your follower count.
  • Increase traffic on your page.
  • Enhance your Instagram marketing strategy.
  • Convert potential customers into conversions.
  • Retain existing customers etc.

To Conclude

Any business, small or big, needs an excellent platform to promote its brand and products. For that purpose, Instagram is the best option available for marketers. As we saw earlier, the evolution of Instagram and its features are tremendous. Using it for your business will help you level up the marketing game. Becoming the most powerful marketing tool with so many elements to explore, Instagram has expanded. So it is time for you to include Instagram and its unique features in your marketing strategy. 

Which feature do you use the most to enhance your Instagram marketing strategy? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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