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How to Check Quality of Produce Received from an Online Fruit and Veg Shop?

Consuming fruits and vegetables are good for your body. But in the current era where most people are shifting to instant or frozen foods, people have forgotten the importance of fresh produce.

Did you know that Australia alone produced 3.69 million tonnes of fresh vegetables in 2019-20? With ever-increasing demand, you now have an option to purchase fresh foods from e-stores or online grocery stores.

Simply search for “fruit and veg shop near me,” and you will find multiple options online, ready to deliver to your doorstep. Here, you are also likely to spend less money.

Here are a few points to confirm if you have chosen the right e-store for your food shopping or not.

1.    Check for Bruises

Your food can be easily contaminated with bacteria and viruses. These pathogens can make you sick and leave you with symptoms like fever, nausea, headache, etc. Therefore, you should always avoid any damaged fruits or vegetables.

Bruises or any cuts also make good places for microorganisms to hide in. Additionally, any spoilt produce is bound to be less fresh or tasty.

2.    Shade of Fruit

After the fruits and vegetable produce is delivered to your home, it is time to check for its shade. Generally, darker fruits are considered ripe as compared to green ones. A light green shade indicates more tenderness.

Also, look at the fruit stem. Does it look fresh or withered away? Checking for such things will help you understand if you are receiving premium quality greens or not.

3.    Smooth Texture

Most hybrid or chemical-ridden fruits and vegetables are grown under artificial conditions. As a result, such food products have a smooth, waxed texture that seems almost unreal. While it may look appealing, it is not necessarily fresh or the most nutritious option available in the market.

On the other hand, any fruit with imperfect texture and irregular shape is highly likely to offer you enhanced flavour.

4.    Squeeze the Fruit

Touching the fruit and squeezing it lightly will tell you a lot about its stage of growth. The riper the fruit, the easier it is to press into it. Note that any fruit except for apples won’t come out to be rock solid.

However, bananas, avocados, kiwi, pears, etc., are expected to soften as they start maturing.

5.    Pick Seasonal Food

After looking up “an online fruit and veg shop near me,” you can easily check the availability of seasonal produce. You will notice that certain food items are available only for a selected part of the year in most places.

Eating seasonal produce means your body is getting the proper nutrition to protect it from allergies or flu.

6.    Chilled Produce

Cannot spare time to wash or cut fruits and vegetables at home? If yes, it is better to choose the already cut options made available by the seller.

However, always confirm that the produce is stored in the right manner. Before reaching your doorstep, it should be directly surrounded by ice or meticulously refrigerated.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of effort. But once you start purchasing your groceries online, you will realise how better it tastes.

One way to do that is by looking up online fruit and veg shops near you. Doing so will help you get top-quality, seasonal produce delivered right to your home. The fresh produce is sure to be an excellent addition to your diet.

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