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A Simple Guide To Buying A Medical Scrub Top

Medical scrubs are a must for healthcare professionals. People in Australia believe that, if you’re a doctor or nurse, wearing a scrub will protect you from infection and offer maximum protection. This will also keep the patients safe and the hospital environment sterile. By 2025, it’s expected that the Australian healthcare industry might have more than 2 million staff!

But you may wish to try something new to break the monotony of scrub tops and want something more colourful. So, if you find yourself searching online for “printed scrub tops in Australia“, here are some factors you can consider:

Comfort Level and Fit

Be it printed or not; a scrub must ensure maximum comfort that’ll help you move around all day. As these are worn for long shifts, you need to focus on fit, softness, and stretch.

It has to be soft enough so that you can wear it under various temperatures. For the stretch, you can pick from high stretch or medium stretch. Note that sometimes scrubs that are too stretchy might not be durable.

You also have to consider if the scrub fits you well for better comfort. It can be loose and baggy, so you don’t have problems moving around in it.

Pockets and Collars

Besides being comfortable, you also must consider how the scrub will help you store items. To keep a stethoscope or a patient chart, you must find one with pockets.

Look for one with a pocket on the chest and two front pockets. Special pockets on the side and zip will also help store necessary medical equipment. So, buy a scrub based on the number of items you wish to store.

You can choose from V-neck, round, mock wrap, and square collars for collars. It depends purely upon your preferences. 


To cater to so many professionals, many brands sell scrubs at varying prices. So, you need to pick the right one.

You might get a reasonably priced scrub from an online store that lasts for years. Choose these if you need to change scrubs frequently. But if you want a scrub for a high-contamination and risky environment, consider buying an expensive item.

These will be more durable and comfortable in the long run. Lastly, try not to buy scrubs with dirt-cheap prices, as they may not be worth it later.     


It must be easy to wash and maintain to make a scrub last for years. Some scrubs need to be washed more frequently than others. So, you need to understand the laundry specifications, washing instructions and the required temperature to keep your scrub clean.

You also have to keep the type of fabric in mind while washing. Cotton and polyester are standard fabrics for scrubs, which are convenient to clean.

If you work in an environment prone to infections, you might have to go for a thicker fabric. The maintenance instructions on these would be different.

The Bottom Line

No matter what type of scrub you choose, you need to ensure that it’s functional. It needs to make you feel comfortable and work efficiently also.

You can wear basic scrubs or Google “printed scrub tops in Australia” sold by local stores. And lastly, don’t forget to ask the retailer about any specifications for maintenance details you might want to know.

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