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Coin Collectors: 7 Rare Gold Coins To Add To Your Collection

Every coin collector knows that if you have rare and valuable coins, your collection will be worth more than if you didn’t. Because of that, you need to be aware that certain coins have a better chance of improving your collection than others. Because you want to have the best rare gold coins possible, you should consider our list as we have examples of the best options. 

1. The Gold 1855 Ty2 NGC

With a coin with beautiful shine and luster, you’ll see that you have a safe and secure delivery and that the coin is certified. That gives you the best in rare coins. Over the front, you’ll see the intricate design and incredible attention to detail, while the back has exceptional work to create a stunning currency. 

2. Rare Gold Coins Include The Three Dollar Gold Certified MS64

Like the other coins on this list, the gold has held up against the test of time and still looks solid and beautiful. Intricate work is present with this coin, too, and the coins were issued from the mid eighteen hundreds to the last eighteen hundred. It is an unusual denomination and had an indirect tie-in with the stamp collection community. 

3. The 1915-S $2 Coin 

This coin was struck along with four other commemorative coins that honored the exposition of the Panama Pacific. This was a significant occasion that served as the world’s fair. In addition to this, it honored the city that had been ravaged by disaster. 

4. The $50 Panama Pacific Coin

The Panama coin is another rare option to add to your collection. The design is incredible and has long since been hailed as one of the most beautiful coins you will ever see. The coin has the traditional In God we trust and can add high quality to your collection. 

5. The 1854 Ty 2 Gold $1 NGC AU58

This is a coin that is considered to be notoriously scarce. It was struck for three years and had limited quantities. Due to the cost and rarity of the mint and issues they faced, collectors may choose other coins instead of this one. However, this is far rarer than people realize and should be considered. 

6. 1855 Ty $1 Gold PCGS MS63

Like other coins on this list, you’ll see that this coin wasn’t struck for very long, but it made the impact it needed to. The final year of production was limited to a San Francisco emission. 

7. The Late Eighteen Hundreds Provided Rare Gold Coins 

When considering rare gold coins, you can’t forget the gold one dollar type three NGC that was struck in 1888. It was worth around four hundred dollars at one time. However, at current times, it is valued at more than twenty thousand. 

Get Your Rare Gold Coins While You Can

When you want to expand your collection, don’t forget to consider rare gold coins. You won’t regret the decision when you have coins that can make up thousands of dollars as a return investment. 

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