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Top 6 Commercial Plumbing Issues Your Business Should Watch Out For

Like any other commercial problems, plumbing issues shouldn’t be taken lightly because they can affect your business productivity, customers, and manufacturing productivity. Although most people don’t understand the disadvantages of plumbing in a business, it’s always advised to be cautious, particularly when running a busy commercial business.

As an entrepreneur, the best feeling is when you see everything run smoothly without any problems arising. However, to fulfill this, you need to be watchful and understand what to anticipate to help you avoid and manage the issues. In case of any issue, it’s always advised to call a professional such as Fergusons Plumbing Group on TrustPilot before the problem spreads.

Listed below are commercial plumbing issues that your business should watch out for and when to call a plumber.

Faucet Leaks

Most people are likely to assume this problem because faucets are often known to leak. However, if you aren’t careful, some leaks can waste water, forcing you to go out of your budget because of the higher bills. It’s advised to fix the problem before it gets massive and call a professional to check your pipes and whole plumbing system. 

Besides, water drips cause discomfort to people around the premises because no one wants to have water droplets every time. Besides discomfort, excessive water droplets cause a pool under the floor, resulting in foundation damage, floor cracks, mold, and accidents in your commercial business property.

Sewer Odor

If you experience a smelly odor in your commercial business, you should call in a professional immediately. Sewer odor is one of the signs to watch out for because it can make a negative impression on your clients, forcing them to avoid your business property and your ideas. 

Experiencing this in your commercial business can result in sewage blockage, and you need a professional to devise methods to fix the blockage efficiently. Mostly, when you experience this, it means the vent system that equalizes the pressure in the pipes is broken or blocked. Hence it can’t let the sewer gas escape.

Frozen Pipes

Cold weather can significantly complicate plumbing issues, mostly freezing the pipes. In this case, your pipes might experience cracks or bursts. Hence increasing the chances of interior floods and foundation damage. 

This is one of the top issues you must watch out for in your business to avoid issues like floods, lack of water on the premises, etc. Additionally, you can insulate your pipes to prevent this issue or wrap heat tape around your pipes to keep them from freezing.

When this happens, it’s best to call a plumber to fix and replace the pipes, but ensure to check on essential traits a commercial contractor should have.

Low Water Pressure 

Low water pressure can be caused by clogged pipes, pump breakage, leaks, half-open valve, bursts, and frozen pipes. Well, it’s not pleasing to experience this mainly in a commercial property because many businesses need water to function correctly. 

If you experience these, it’s best to contact an experienced plumber who knows where to look by just explaining the problem. To see if a plumber is experienced, there are various questions to ask before hiring them. Don’t ignore this sign or fix it on your own because you can tamper with other parts.

Toilet Clogs

Commercial Plumbing Issues
Plumber unclogging toilet with professional force pump cleaner.

Like any other drains, toilet clogs are one of the commercial plumbing issues to watch out for. Luckily, commercial properties are built with unique skills to handle more use compared to residential toilets. But when you notice anything, be it a spike in the utility bill or any foul odor smell, then it’s best to check in with the commercial plumber for replacement and repair.

Silent Leaks

This can be difficult to detect unless you’re keen on your water bills or the droplets you’ll notice on your floor or walls. Leaks may take months to be seen, but if detected, it’s advised to call a plumber to help locate the leaking pipes and replace them. Some signs show your pipe is leaking, such as mold on the property’s foundation, inconsistent water pressure, damp ceiling board, wall cracks, and water droplets on the floor.


Commercial properties have a lot of piping running through the building, which makes it prone to bursting and often cracking because of the pressure. It’s not always right to call a professional plumbing service only when there is a problem. It’s best to schedule a regular maintenance routine to avoid any issues.

Replacing pipes and calling a commercial contractor in an emergency is always expensive, but fortunately, the above article has illustrated plumbing issues to watch out for.

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