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Planning a Conference in Adelaide

How Many People Are Going to Attend?

If you’re planning a conference in Adelaide, you might be feeling pressure on your shoulders. Hopefully, this short guide will help to ease your nerves by talking you through a few important points. For example, we’ll point to some key considerations when looking for an Adelaide conference venue.

When first researching venues, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. You perform one Google search and then quickly click away when you see endless lists. Therefore, one of the first questions that you can ask regards the number of attendees. If you only have 10 attendees, you can choose a smaller venue (choosing a large venue will be unnecessarily expensive). If you have 10,000 attendees, this will immediately rule out most small venues.

While these are two extremes, it shows the difference between types of conferences. If you only have a small number of attendees, you don’t need to waste your budget on a huge venue. Instead, you can put that money into a different area. If you’re planning for hundreds or thousands, forget about the small venues and focus on the facilities that can accommodate your needs.

By asking this simple question, you can immediately cut down the list of potential venues for the conference.

Accommodation Near the Venue Centre

Another way to reduce the number of venues on your list is to consider accommodation near the venue centre. Of course, those hosting a local conference perhaps don’t need to worry about this aspect so much. On the other hand, those welcoming people from all over the country (and maybe even the world) will want to choose a venue near plenty of high-quality accommodation options (this is all part of the experience for attendees!).

Once again, the weight that you place on accommodation depends on the number of attendees you expect at the conference. The more people attending, the more you need to consider where people will stay. You don’t want to choose a venue that’s miles from accommodation and forces attendees to pay for travel.

Facilities and Amenities

Next, you should also think about the facilities available at the venue. For instance, will attendees bring along their laptops and other devices? Will those in charge of the event need access to certain facilities? One demand that most venues understand these days is the electrical demand – plug points, projectors, and other items could help the conference to run smoothly.

Furthermore, you might want to provide food and drink to attendees. If so, what local caterers are around to provide this service? Does the venue have a kitchen where the caterers or organisers can prepare the food and drink?

Other Considerations

Naturally, something else you’ll need to mull over regards the date of the conference. What date works for all the attendees? Of course, you can’t possibly accommodate everybody, and you’ll likely lose a percentage of all invitees depending on the date. Yet, the date of the conference will impact accommodation, flights, and other plans for attendees.

Ultimately, it’s best to start planning your conference in Adelaide as soon as possible. Even if your chosen date seems a way off yet, you want to get invitations out to prospective attendees before they sign themselves up for other events. Also, you’ll want to secure the venue before another company or event takes it (it’s better to book early than cram a large group of people into a venue that’s too small!). Keep everything in this guide in mind and you won’t go far wrong!

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