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Dubai Mall: 10 Fascinating Facts About The World’s Biggest Shopping Mall

The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping Mall in the World.  It is located within Dubai, United Arab Emirates, forms part of Dubai’s 20 billion-dollar Downtown development, and comprises more than 1,200 shops.

Then in May of 2008, Emaar Properties announced that Dubai Mall would have 5,000 parking spaces and 2500 hotel rooms. Dubai Mall opened to the public on November 4, 2008. Dubai Mall opened to the public on November 4, 2008.

The Mall was visited by around 80 million customers during the first year of its opening and was named the most popular leisure and shopping location.

The Dino’s 80-foot length that quietly roars into the stunned faces of shoppers and tourists is an instance of how Dubai has been able to transform the way people shop. Why should you only have one Mall when you could get plenty more? Like the restaurants in Dubai Mall, the aquarium, and a lot more!

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Ten Incredibly Amazing Facts About The Dubai Mall

Here are ten interesting facts about the world’s largest shopping mall:

Impressive Floor Area

The total floor space for the property is 52,000 square meters (5,400,000 sq feet), and it covers the capacity to lease 334,741 square meters (3.77 sq. feet).

While these are impressive figures, it’s also a sign that it’s just the 26th-largest retail outlet globally in terms of gross leasable space, which is impressive considering it has more than 1200 stores.

However, it is a remarkable record as it’s the biggest shopping mall based on the surface area. Also, the whole building has a total area of 1,207,739 square meters (13 million sq feet).

Further, the number includes adjacent structures like a hotel with 250 luxurious rooms and three parking areas that provide spaces that can accommodate up to 14,000 automobiles.

Biggest Openings in The History

The official opening of this huge shopping center was held on November 4, 2008. What was it like to have an opening!

The Dubai Mall welcomed its first guests, with more than 1,000 stores operating. Further, it was the second-largest Mall in the history of the world.  Following it was the West Edmonton Mall in Canada, which opened in 1981.

Additionally, many people visited the Mall on its opening day, followed by millions over the next few years. Also, the number of people who visited the Mall in 2009 reached 37 million, and these are astonishing figures.

Shop From 1200 Stores

Dubai Mall is a mall for shoppers, with over 1200 shops that span 3.77 million square feet. Some stores are flagship that does not have other stores within the city. Shop for fashion clothes, electronics, beauty items, electronics, furniture, accessories, home decor, and more in this shopping mall.

Fashion Avenue also houses more than 150 of the most prestigious international and nationally renowned brands. There is a chance to shop in the Mall to find brands like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chloe, Jacques, Henry, etc. Further, it is worth mentioning Level Shoe District, a concept store that sells shoes and accessories. It covers 96,000 square feet, where 250 designers have gathered to exhibit their merchandise at 40 boutiques.

Not Just a Mall, Yet An Entertainment Hub

Dubai Mall Entertainment Hub

One of the primary reasons the number of visitors increased is that it has many things beyond just stores for consumers. It’s an entire entertainment center that is suitable for the whole family. It includes:

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo: The aquarium is home to more than 300 marine species.

VR Park Dubai Amusement park has 15 rides and a vast assortment of games.

Kidzania is an amusement park with a focus on younger children. Reel Cinemas: One of the biggest cinema complexes with 17 theaters. Hysteria: A haunted home that includes a myriad of special effects.

Dubai Mall Has Parking Spaces to Park 14,000 Vehicles.

We’ve all suffered the ache of not having somewhere to park amid crowded areas such as malls, fairs, exhibitions, etc. So, if you’re in Dubai, the priority is hospitality then, and you’ll find that there are no parking issues at the Dubai Mall of Emirates.

Candylicious, The Biggest Candy Shop, is in Dubai Mall

For all sweet-lovers and candy lovers, almost all your sugar-fueled dreams are coming true!

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in Dubai Mall

The centerpiece of the Dubai Mall is the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, which is believed to be the giant indoor aquarium globally.  The aquarium is capable of 10 million liquid liters of water in the tank, which measures 51 meters long and 20 meters wide, and 11 meters tall. Further, it houses a variety of over 33,000 aquatic species all over the globe.

The Dubai mall aquarium is also famous for its 48-meter walk-through Tunnel that offers 270-degree views from just 11m beneath the tank’s surface. You can also get an up-close view of some of the most stunning marine life.

Dubai Mall Waterfall

Dubai Mall Waterfall

There’s a waterfall in the Mall, but that’s not only the unique feature.  The waterfall is an illusion. Statues are diving in the water, and the rest disappear when you gaze at one!

Dubai Mall Welcomes Around 75 Million   Visitors Every Year!

The most famous Dubai Mall facts state that the Mall is the most frequented tourist attraction worldwide. With 75 million people visiting the Mall each year, the Mall is said to have drawn more visitors than Disney World Eiffel Tower, Disney World, and Niagara Falls combined.

 There’s an Olympic Size Ice Rink in the Mall

The Mall also features an Olympic-sized ice skating arena equipped to host international skating events or ice hockey competitions. The rink is situated at the bottom of the floor but extends up to the second floor.

The skating rink in Dubai mall is equipped with the 1.5 inches thick bed of ice that is double the amount required to meet NHL standards. It is also the venue for Emirates Hockey League games.

Final Say

Dubai Mall is not similar to other malls where you can only shop, eat, or perhaps watch a movie in the multiplex.

In addition to offering these options in bigger sizes, including nearly 1200 shops, 200 restaurants and eateries, and a 26-screen cinema, the Dubai Mall has numerous other attractions.

The main attraction in the center is the world’s largest aquarium at the shopping mall and an underwater zoo, which has earned its place within the Guinness World Record.

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