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Is CBD Oil and Hemp Oil the Same Thing and How Hemp Oil Can Help?

One of the best things that nature has given us, is the natural extract from the hemp plant, in a bottle. Hemp seed oil, which is extracted using different methods, which we will discuss below, comes from only one part of the hemp plant and has become just as popular as most oils and supplements on the market. Unlike CBD which is extracted from almost all the other parts like the stalks, leaves, and flowers, hemp only makes use of the seeds.

To clarify both marijuana or cannabis, and hemp, come from the same family of plants. This is the cannabis Sativa L plant. However, in their compositions, they are both different. One of the main differences between the two is the notable amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) existing in each plant. The THC, which is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant is what gives you the ‘high’ after using it.

The percentage of THC in the cannabis plant can be anything up to 28%, however, the hemp plant products only have 0.3% and not more, as per legal requirements. The latter is also used for medicinal purposes to treat a variety of mental and health conditions.

Various Extraction Processes of Hemp Seed Oil

At the moment, there are up to 5 different extraction processes used by manufacturers to extract the oil from the seeds.

Soxhlet (SOX) – The most conventional one on the market and possibly the most popular one used.

Ultrasonication (ULT) – a recent and more modern method is the ULT which implements the use of ultrasonic frequencies to reduce extraction times for separating the chemicals from the physical plant.

Percolation (PER) process – this process has its foundation in separating the molecules through a means of diffusion. This one is still in its research stages.

Pyrolysis (PYR) – this is a bio-thermal method that produces a bio-oil using petroleum by-products, however, this is also in its initial stages not widely used yet.

Using CO2 solvents – some liquids hold the ability to effuse through certain gases to create a liquid and this process uses that method via means of CO2.

Of all these techniques, researchers found that the one that maintained the purity of the product was the ULT (Ultrasonication) however since it is is still in its initial stages of experimentation, all the above are being used until a more viable solution is attained, as mentioned in this source online (Area52).

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The Health Benefits of Using Hemp Seed Oil

These seeds have a rich inclusion of many beneficial compounds namely, bioactive compounds, rich nutrients and fatty acids to name a few. According to various sources, there is a minimal risk of using this type of extract and in fact, has numerous benefits for our bodies. 

Promotes the Health of Our Skin

This oil, in its purest form, can help to promote the health of our skin. Not only when you ingest it, but also when you apply lotions and balms directly onto your skin that contain it. The valuable nutrients, including the fatty acids and vitamins, present inside the extract can help heal and improve many aspects of the skin as well as help treat certain skin conditions such as:

  • lichen planus, an inflammatory skin condition
  • acne rosacea
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • varicose eczema
  • dermatitis

According to tot a study conducted on the seed extract, it was noted that it is rich in various highly beneficial components and lipids: the abundance of these aid towards making it a protective and nourishing substance for skin and helps with ageing, oxidation and acts as an anti-inflammatory solution as well.

Promoting Heart Health

The all-inclusive nutrient profile of hemp seed oil also shows that it can be highly beneficial for the health of your heart. Research has been done on animals until now, but undergoing studies are also being done on controlled groups of humans.

Because the extract comes in different strengths, when aiming for a holistic approach, it is recommended to take strength from the full spectrum varieties, such as the hemp oil 3000 mg benefits that are available to you when you use a tincture made from pure and organic liquid.

This can be great for controlling other health and wellness aspects as well, such as atherosclerosis, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. One of the many major components that aid in improving one of these is the presence of alpha-linolenic acid. This is similar to what you could find in flax seeds and various fish oils.

Other beneficial substances found in the extract include and gamma-linolenic acid, linoleic acid which are a family of the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which as the majority of the health enthusiasts know is an amazing supplement that aids positively towards health aspects like supporting mental health, infant brain development, weight management and forms a part of the fundamental cells in our membranes.

There is no doubt that if you invest in adding this natural plant seed extract to your diet and lifestyle that you will reap significant benefits of it for both your internal as well as your external self. From this standpoint, you can see how when you buy weed online does not only give you a best recreational experience but also in give benefits in your health. Before you do decide on it, do your research and speak to your general practitioner about it. 

For those who are already on certain medication, it may be best to wait till your course is complete before placing this into the mix. In addition, if you are starting to take it, make sure you follow the dosage guidelines at all times, as some strengths may be too strong for you, while others may be too weak, so taking the right amount is key here.  

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