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Dedicated Server India at An Economical Price By Serverwala

Every web business wishes to be successful in the long run. Those who strive to make web businesses grow every day know the significance of robust and secure web hosting services. One may begin hosting their online business on shared hosting, but eventually, they move to Dedicated Server hosting when it comes to business advancement. 

Moreover, there are many web business owners who opt for the Dedicated Server India in the beginning stage only. They do not get bothered that the cost of Dedicated Server hosting is much more than other web hosting solutions. This is because they know that the high returns can be acquired in a shorter period of time by hosting the business on the Best Dedicated Server India. 

In this article, we have come up with insights into the Serverwala Dedicated Server that not only comes at an economical price but also with high-grade web hosting facilities. But before getting further details, let us comprehend the Dedicated Server India, and how it accommodates the growing online business. 

What Is Dedicated Server India?

The Dedicated Server in India is devised to dedicate itself solely to an individual user. It provides an autonomous, secure, and private environment to host your business website. You get complete authority over your fully functional Dedicated Server as well as its resources. Unlike shared hosting, your web host does not compel you to share the space or resources of your Dedicated Server with any other users until you want. 

You can run and employ your Dedicated Server India as you require for your online business. Although Dedicated Server hosting can support a different range of online businesses, it is especially preferred by e-commerce websites, businesses with multiple websites, resource-intensive applications, and users who expect quick growth in traffic volume of their websites. 

Features You Get With Dedicated Server India

Mentioned below are the features that the Dedicated Server in India renders, which further provide significant support in hosting an online business – 

Dedicated IP address

With the Dedicated Server hosting, your business website obtains the Dedicated IP address, also known as the unique IP address. The unique IP address helps your website establish its distinct identity over the Internet. This also protects your site from getting its name under the blacklist of search engines. 

High Availability of Web Resources

The Dedicated Server India offers the support of Dedicated web resources that are not shared among other users or websites. You can utilize them as and when your business website requires. 


You also get the possibility to scale up or down your Dedicated Server resources. This gives your website the opportunity to deliver the fastest performance in all situations, including during traffic peaks. 

Optimal performance

With India Dedicated Server hosting, your business website can deliver optimal performance. It provides you enough flexibility to host your business website the way you desire. 


You obtain the right to customize your server according to the requirements of your business website. You can install the required applications easily and run the operating system most compatible with your business website. 

Root access

You can acquire root access to your Dedicated Server from your web host. With the root control, you can configure the settings of your Dedicated Server as per the necessities. Also, you can operate and manage your Dedicated Server on your own. 

Robust data security

With the India Dedicated Server hosting, your business website also acquires robust security for the data. It offers an isolated and private hosting platform that prevents your data from all threats. You can also execute security measures from your end to ensure the complete security of your business website data.

Better SEO ranking 

When your business website is able to attain optimal performance, fastest web page loading, robust data security, and maximum uptime, it also becomes capable of acquiring the best possible SEO ranking.  

Cheap Dedicated Server India By Serverwala

Serverwala is the industry-leading data center well-renowned for rendering the Best Dedicated Server India at the most affordable costs. It provides the huge support of top-tier equipment, powerful hardware tools, and modern technologies. This enables your business website to deliver uninterrupted and seamless performance. Further, Serverwala provides the following benefits with the India Dedicated Server hosting –

Hardware RAID

With the Serverwala data center, you obtain a Dedicated Server India that offers great support to RAID. The RAID is short for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. You can purchase the support of RAID – 0, 1, 5, and 10 at feasible prices from Serverwala.   

Service Level Agreement

With every India Dedicated Server hosting plan, the data center provides the service level agreement that ensures the 99.90% uptime and intensified visitors ratio. 

Private VLAN Subnets

You can make use of the 10 GBPS virtual LAN subnets offered by the Serverwala data center for generating private server clusters as and when needed.  

Advanced data security

Your online business receives advanced data security features that incorporate DDoS protection, data encryption, SSL certificate, and many others to fight against all the security threats and protect every bit of data. 

Final View

Serverwala Data center Hosting offers a varied array of intense and best-in-class web hosting plans and packages for Cheap Dedicated Server. You can even acquire the managed web hosting service if you are not sure about managing the entire Dedicated Server in India on your own. Moreover, Serverwala guarantees 24/7 customer and technical service support through a team of proficient and experienced professionals who always remain available to serve instant responses and solutions in the least possible time. 

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