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What is a Channel Manager for Vacation Rentals?

A channel manager for vacation rentals is a software that syncs together with your listings from multiple booking channels like Airbnb, Vrbo, and They will automatically sync together your calendars making sure you do not receive any double bookings.

Benefits of Using a Channel Manager

Maintain an up-to-date calendar.

Instant synchronization significantly reduces the likelihood of problems such as overbooking or multiple reservations. Once a property is booked on one channel, the channel manager will instantly remove the property’s availability on all other channels for those dates.

Time and effort savings

A channel management program may save vacation rental owners and property managers up to 20 hours per week on manual work like cross-checking availability and updating calendars across many platforms.

Manage all of your bookings in one location.

Put an end to your many accounts! Frictionless API interfaces automatically update your listings on other sites. Organize and manage all of your reservations in one location, saving you time and effort in your vacation rental company.

Increase margins to enhance profit

While most OTAs provide free listing, the bulk charges a fee on the booking amount. Utilize the vacation rental channel manager to increase base prices on specified external portals to pay fees and commissions.

Increase the exposure of your brand

Increase your properties’ exposure by adding them to more external portals. In a matter of minutes, export all of your content, bookings, and pricing. Spend the additional effort optimizing your listings and establishing a stronger web presence.

Manage all of your reservations using a multi-calendar system.

The multi-calendar feature provides a consolidated view of all reservations from your vacation rental website and other external listing sites. Change your pricing and take bookings immediately on one unified calendar for all your listings.


It is very apparent that using a channel manager is very beneficial to vacation rental owners. Consider using our favorite vacation rental channel manager. They offer direct integration to all of the popular OTA’s a no cost to you! They also offer many other capabilities like dynamic pricing, accounting, listing optimization, and direct bookings sites

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Interested in Lodgable but worried about your Migration?

Lodgable offers a special program to migrate your properties to Lodgable quickly and safely. In fact, they can help you migrate in as little as one day. There’s no commitments or interruptions in your current listings while they set up and test your new account. They do this to ensure you have a smooth and easy experience from day one. 

But What Does Lodgable Do Exactly?

Lodgable is a user-friendly software that allows Hosts of Short Term Rentals manage their listings from one central location. Using Lodgable’s tools allows you to take advantage of marketing your listing on multiple booking sites, such as Airbnb, Vrbo, and many more, saving you hours of time.

What is Lodgable’s relationship with Airbnb?

With Lodgable’s World Class API connection with Airbnb, you will be able to automatically pull in all of your listing’s information and specifications. This makes the onboarding process pain free, and extremely fast

Is Lodgable really free? What’s the catch?

Lodgable’s core features (like our property management, channel manager, reservations system, and invoice tools) are 100% free for homeowners and property managers. We help you manage your rentals and market them to places like Airbnb and Vrbo (called channels). You are still responsible for paying any commissions they impose directly to the channel. Other add-on services offered by other businesses (like VRP Payment Processing) may also charge fees.

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