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House Cleaning: A Quick Guide For Busy People

If a ‘normal’ day includes getting up early, running from pillar to post, and only setting foot back in the house after dark, there is little room left for chores, let alone thorough home cleaning. Busy people need quick solutions to cleaning problems, or their homes will look like a battlefield, losing the war.

Although a deep home cleaning is undoubtedly needed once a month, sticking to a regular, daily cleaning routine will keep the house looking beautiful and fresh without much effort. Only when homeowners leave these tasks for too long will it create more work for them when needing to clean it all later.

So, how do busy homeowners bring both cleaning and daily schedules together? With this handy guide below, of course:

1. Declutter The Home For Less Cleaning

Clutter could make a home feel dirty and unkept, and removing unused items could seem like the house had an overhaul. The fewer items lying around in the home, the less there are to clean. Take some time over a weekend or on an off day, and unpack everything in the home. After doing this, contact professional services, which are on offer in the area, to remove all the items the house no longer needs.

Everyone in the home should get into the habit of throwing out items with no purpose, and they should store away things as soon as they don’t use them to avoid the rooms becoming cluttered again.

2. Hire a professional cleaning team

There are a number of reasons to hire a professional cleaning team to help with house cleaning for busy people. A professional cleaning service will have the tools and experience necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently. In addition, a professional cleaning team can be customised to fit the specific needs of each client. For example, some clients may need assistance with deep cleaning, while others may simply need help with light cleaning tasks. By hiring a professional cleaning team from UrbanMop, clients can be assured that their house will be clean and clutter-free in no time.

3. Wash, Dry, And Pack Away Immediately

Dishes could pile up and take a considerable chunk of time if someone doesn’t wash, dry, and pack them away immediately after use. Everyone has been there where they feel too tired to clean, but doing the dishes is a daily must.

Get into the habit of quickly loading the items into the dishwasher or ask the family to help, each one taking responsibility for a part of the washing up. One can wash, one can dry, and the others can pack the items away to leave the kitchen looking clean for the next morning’s breakfast rush.

4. Tackle One Room Per Day

Not all rooms will need equal attention, making it easier for busy people to clean. So, prioritize the dirtiest rooms first and tackle one each day by doing everything required to make it look good as new—no need to spend hours in each area. Make sure there isn’t any dirt and grime, and quickly sweep, wipe, and vacuum the carpets to see the difference this already makes.

Beautiful young woman makes cleaning the house. Girl rubs dust.

5. Assign Specific Tasks To Each Person

A home usually has more than one resident, which means more pairs of hands to help with the cleaning. So why should cleaning only be one person’s responsibility when others are using the same living space?

Delegating cleaning tasks spreads the load and ensures less cleaning time for everyone. So, sit together, devise a system that will work best for the household, and make a list for each person to follow. Keep a copy of the list posted in a common area like the kitchen for quick reference.

6. Make Use Of Each Available Moment

Throughout the day, little time slots between activities could seem insignificant to the greater scope of a busy day. These moments like waiting for the kids to get ready, the advertisement breaks between TV shows, or those few minutes of getting through traffic quicker leave more room for tasks like unpacking the dishwasher or taking out the trash.

7. Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

Cleaning weighs heavily on many people’s minds but knowing that everything needed for the task is close by and ready to use less daunting. Keep handy spray bottles filled with cleaning solution in a plastic container with the cleaning utensils for each room so the person doing the scrubbing can take everything in one go.

For a busy household, the more parts of the cleaning process they streamline, the quicker they can get it done. So, make sure to top up the supplies regularly before they finish, so there is never a short supply for cleaning days.

Wiping It All Up

Being busy is not an excuse to leave the cleaning for the last minute. With a well thought through plan of action, a little bit of elbow grease, everyone working together, and a steady supply of cleaning products, the home can look sparkly clean in no time.

Although each household differs from the next, they can still implement a cleaning routine that will suit their schedules perfectly to keep their living space in order. After all, everyone will feel much better knowing they live in a clutter-free, happy, healthy home.

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