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Egyptian Cotton: A Luxurious Fabric With Premium Experience.

Cotton is one of the favourite fabrics among all the other options. There is no doubt that cotton garments, sheets, or furnishings are worth the investment. Egyptian cotton is the new favourite because of the luxurious experience it comes with it.

Egyptian cotton sheets are the gold standard for bed linen and stand for luxury and comfort. But, do you know enough about this cotton? Move on to the next section to find out about it.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton is the king of all kinds of cotton available. The length of the fibre supports the weaving and makes it durable in the long run. Its ability to absorb the liquid makes it resistant to colour loss. The prints on this fabric appear brighter and have a better look than other printed cotton fabrics.

These are handpicked cotton fibres that are naturally straight and intact. Hence, the materials made out of Egyptian cotton are of premium quality and finest in comfort. Egypt’s climate supports the formation of longer cotton fibres. They are further spun into fine and durable threads.

Is it better than regular cotton?

The main factor differentiating Egyptian cotton from a regular is its thread count. Thread count is the number of threads per square inch on the sheet. A regular cotton’s thread count is anywhere between 120 to 180.

But, an Egyptian cotton’s thread count will go as high as 1500 per square. A higher thread count indicates a better quality, denser fabric, and more durable sheets. Egyptian cotton sheets and towels are popular because of their durable nature and softness. However, clothes made out of this cotton are scarce to find.

Below are some more reasons why Egyptian cotton fabric is so famous for bed linens.

Benefits of Buying Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

If you are looking for a perfect luxury product in bed linen for utmost comfort, look no further. Egyptian cotton fabric has one of the more resilient cotton fibres that make for the best sheets.

Read more to know why you must prefer Egyptian cotton for bed linen.

  • Strength: The staples are extra-long and give the perfect strength to your bed linens. After heavy washing, the wear and tear are minimal, enhancing its durability.
  • Best for dyeing: Dyeing Egyptian cotton bed linens produce vibrant sheets with strong colour retention capacity. The fabric can absorb the liquid perfectly, and it remains intact after every wash.
  • Absorbing nature: It makes perfect towels, hair wraps, bathmats, and robes because of its absorbency. The fluffy structure absorbs water perfectly and feels wonderfully soft against the skin.
  • Authenticity: Egyptian Cotton is a geographical indication, and the plants are grown under unique conditions. This ensures that the quality remains unmatchable for every user without any variation. The products made out of Egyptian cotton are 100% authentic.
  • Pilling: The regular cotton fabric is shorter in length and experiences pilling. This is not the case with Egyptian cotton because of its naturally lengthy fabrics. The aeration within the fabric makes it softer and fluffier than natural cotton.

If you’re already looking for an Egyptian cotton product, you must also understand its maintenance.

How to take care of Egyptian cotton?

Below are some basic things to keep in mind when investing in an Egyptian cotton fabric

  • If not maintained adequately, it can get wrinkles and crease lines
  • The fabric is a little tricky initially and becomes softer after a few washes
  • Fabric conditioner or any bleaching liquid can damage the quality

You can always go for a fabric swatch and pick the best one per your requirements.

Egyptian cotton is the most preferred fabric for any project that needs a premium touch. You can always explore the options available online and choose accordingly. It can also make a perfect gift for someone you adore.

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