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Most Popular Live Streaming Platforms in UAE

Live streaming has been in use even before the onset of the pandemic. Owing to the various advantages that it comes with, several global organizations have widely adapted to the idea of live streaming. However, the biggest challenge that lies ahead of the organizers in making the right choice among the abundance of live streaming service providers. If you are also planning to conduct live streaming, but are confused with the choice of platform, don’t worry.

To make it easier for you, here, we are discussing some of the most popular live streaming service providers.


Dreamcast is counted as one of the most reliable and trustworthy platforms for live streaming and other virtual event formats. Moreover, it comes with several gripping and exciting features that help it stand apart.

Here are some unique features provided by this platform that help the organizers host a remarkable live stream-

  • It allows its users to customize their live stream according to their needs and demands.
  • It is multi-device accessible that enables the organizers to tap a wider audience.
  • The audience can easily access the platform and join the live stream with its seamless and user-friendly interface.
  • Dreamcast provides various audience engagement tools such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and live comments. It also comes with several networking tools like B2B Meeting Scheduler, Networking Tables, AI Matchmaking, and more that allow the attendees to connect and interact with fellow attendees effortlessly.
  • It lets the organizers collect real-time audience engagement data with its live analytics feature.

IBM Cloud Video

Next in line of the most popular live-streaming platforms is IBM Cloud Video. Though it is primarily a live streaming platform, IBM Cloud Video also hosts VOD streaming. The basic services of this platform are free and come with advertising supporting video, whereas the paid services are ad-free and come with several advanced features.

The key features of this platform are:

  • The platform provides customer-grade as well as Enterprise streaming solutions.
  • Various services provided by this solution include monetization, live coverage, and marketing.
  • The efficient customer support makes this platform a reliable platform for live streaming among the masses.


Dacast is an efficient platform when it comes to hosting live streaming as well as VOD content. Counted as one of the most innovative and unique virtual platforms for live streaming, Dacast provides efficient online features that help brands monetize their live streaming.

Let us go through some of the unique features of this platform:

  • First, this platform ensures utmost safety, enabling the organizers to take complete control of their events.
  • Some of the most notable features of this promising platform include password protection, analytics dashboard, referrer restriction, and more.
  • The platform is easy to use and allows new users to create a new channel and go live conveniently.
  • It provides 24/7 tech support through email and live chat options.
  • Dacast provides live streaming and VOD content with a VOD platform to monetize the on-demand content. 
  • It comes with live streaming analytics that allows the users to get detailed real-time audience engagement data. 


Another renowned and efficient name on the list of the best live streaming platforms is Wowza. The platform provides live streaming as well as on-demand streaming services to its users.

To know more about this platform, let us dive into some of the striking features that the platform provides to its users:

  • It is multi-device accessible, ensuring the platform is flexible and can be accessed easily. It allows the users to expand their audience and brand reach.
  • Wowza allows the users to integrate with third-party platforms and carry out their streaming efficiently.
  • It is cost-effective and highly secure, which makes it the favorite of several brands across the globe.
  • The platform allows the users to record the streaming, enabling them to use the videos later, according to their needs


One of the most efficient and well-known platforms, Brightcove offers services like live streaming and VOD hosting. The list of various products offered by Brightcove includes Live streaming, OTT Flow, and monetization tools. Here are some of the unique features of this platform:

  • It comes with detailed analytics and video marketing tools that allow the users to get an insight into the audience engagement data and obtain leads.
  • This platform is highly secure, which means the users don’t need to worry about online threats such as hacking and data leakage.
  • It allows the users to monetize their live streaming.

Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream provides efficient streaming solutions for all kinds

of events and enterprises, irrespective of their sizes. The platform focuses on the integration of hardware, software, and cloud services and hosts over 10 million platforms per year.

Let us go through some significant features of this platform:

  • It offers streaming as well as video hosting services. Efficient video management, live analytics, and privacy controls are some of the most notable features that Vimeo Livestream provides.
  • The platform extends tech support via email and live support in premium plans.
  • It comes with seamless navigation, large storage capacity, detailed analytics, and a sleek layout.


The next platform we are talking about is an in-browser live streaming solution. It is a minimal platform with simple yet impressive features. The objective behind designing this platform is to increase audience engagement.

Here are some of the notable features of StreamYard:

  • It provides brand customization features that help the organizers to do effective branding.
  • Its collaborative features allow the users to integrate with third-party platforms easily.
  • StreamYard allows screen sharing, which enables the users to deliver the content more effectively and adds value to the overall audience experience.

JW Player

JW Player comes with a set of high-end tools and supports live streaming as well as Video On Demand Streaming. The platform has been designed keeping large companies and large-scale events in mind.

Let us have a look at the various engaging features provided by the solution:

  • It comes with a simple four-step process to get started with live streaming. This feature makes it easier for the users as well the participants to join the streaming.
  • The platform allows the users to monetize the streaming through advertisements.
  • It is a highly reliable and secure platform that ensures that streaming is safe from online threats.

Ever since the concept of live streaming has become popular, several platforms have emerged in the industry. And owing to the features they provide, it becomes challenging and sometimes overwhelming for the users to make a choice. Experts suggest the organizers compare a few options and then go for one.

However, if you plan to host live streaming, you can go with any of the webinar services discussed above.

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