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Has the Time Come to Call in a Workplace Culture Consultant?

A positive and healthy company culture is key to the success of any organization. Company culture refers to the shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize the members of an organization and define its nature. A strong workplace culture attracts top talent, boosts employee motivation, increases productivity and retention rates, and creates an environment where people enjoy coming to work. However, creating such an intentional culture requires careful planning, implementation, and maintenance. This is where workplace culture consulting can prove invaluable.  

What is a Workplace Culture Consultant?

Workplace culture consultants, such as those employed by Culture Partners, are professionals who provide expert guidance, assessment, and advice to organizations seeking to define, strengthen, or transform their cultures. They conduct in-depth analyses of a company’s current culture, identify problem areas or gaps between the real and ideal cultures, and make tailored recommendations on how to bridge those gaps.

The Benefits of Hiring a Workplace Culture Consultant

One of the biggest benefits of enlisting workplace culture consultants is getting an objective outside perspective on areas for improvement. When you are deep within an organization, it can be challenging to see the aspects of your culture that may be broken or holding you back; an unbiased specialist will notice red flags you have grown accustomed to. Consultants interview employees at all levels about their experiences and gather honest feedback to diagnose where friction points exist. Often employees feel more comfortable opening up about cultural problems to a neutral third party as well.

In addition to assessing the current state, culture consultants collaborate with company leaders to articulate the culture they desire. Setting intentions and defining the behaviors, attitudes, values, and environment you want to cultivate is foundational. Consultants facilitate sessions and workshops to align executives, managers, and staff around this vision. This clarity and unity at all levels helps ensure strategic priorities and operations map to cultural goals.

Culture consultancies also provide the expertise and frameworks to make meaningful changes. They work with people managers to address ineffective leadership styles, communication breakdowns, lack of role clarity, and unhealthy team dynamics that undermine culture. Experts customize training programs to bolster inclusion, trust-building, accountability, feedback delivery, and other interpersonal skills. Furthermore, they advise on optimizing policies, physical workspace layout, recognition programs, wellness initiatives, and engagement activities to bring the ideal culture to life.

Why a Workplace Culture Consultant Might Be Needed?

Oftentimes the culture established at the founding of a company no longer serves the organization years down the road. Major business evolutions like mergers and acquisitions, leadership changes, rapid staff growth, and crises can profoundly impact workplace dynamics. Culture consultancies help companies gracefully navigate these transitional periods by redefining cultures suited to the new realities so they continue meeting stakeholder needs. Likewise, they can step in when a toxic or unproductive culture has taken root and requires serious intervention to turn around.

The greatest advantage of working with culture specialists is achieving sustainable cultural transformation versus piecemeal or temporary improvements. They embed changes through management training and coaching that equip your leaders to maintain cultural evolution. Consultants also conduct follow-up assessments to ensure positive shifts take hold through quantitative data and qualitative feedback. The comprehensive and holistic nature of their methodology leads to lasting impact.

Investing in workplace culture consulting pays dividends through boosted employee satisfaction, stronger talent retention, higher productivity, and bottom-line profits. The outside perspective, expertise, frameworks, and accountability these professionals provide allow organizations to shape cultures that accelerate success. Healthy, happy work environments where people enjoy collaborating and advancing individual and collective goals are truly priceless.

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