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Copper Farmhouse Sinks 101: How You Can Customize Your New Sink

Is copper the cheapest material for your kitchen sink?

Probably not. However, it is one of the most viable and eye-catching options on the market with many additional benefits that other materials do not offer.

Adding to both the beauty and functionality of any kitchen, a copper farmhouse sink is the upgrade you’ve been wanting. Built for both modern and traditional kitchen styles, copper sinks are made with the user in mind. They offer antimicrobial benefits to help fight off food-borne illnesses and more. 

And it doesn’t stop there – there are several ways to customize your new sink so that it exactly fits your style and preferences. 

Here’s how to get started customizing your new copper farmhouse sink. 

How to Customize a Copper Farmhouse Sink

The fine qualities of copper have been appreciated by homes and restaurants for centuries. In the mid-19th century, kitchens everywhere were stocked with cookware made from copper. Today, that natural material is made into larger appliances like a copper farmhouse sink. 

If you dream of walking into a kitchen with a cozy cottage style, a copper farmhouse sink is where to start. With customizable options, you can define the look and style just through the kitchen sink. Here are a few ways to customize your copper farmhouse sink.

Apron Finish

Choose from a wide variety of metals, including copper, brass, and stainless steel. Natural copper and brass will have the patina effect overtime, as well as polished copper and brass. However, the other apron finishes are fine-cured or sealed – depending on the specific metal and finish. 

Apron Texture

Apron texture often depends on the apron finish you choose for your copper farmhouse sink. Natural and premium copper finishes are available in smooth and six other variations of texture. Artisan finishes are available in hand-hammered texture. 

Bowl Finish and Texture 

When you choose a natural living finish for a copper farmhouse sink, you’re choosing the longest-lasting and lowest maintenance option. Plus, living finish is the most antimicrobial solution. Once you choose a bowl finish, you then choose a texture to compliment your choice. 

Additionally, there are other important features you will want to customize such as:

  • Width 
  • Depth 
  • Height
  • Drain and drain location 
  • Gauge

There are also options for a removable drying rack or cutting board ledge. All of these elements combined add to your unique style and preference and allow you to create your own masterpiece. It also adds to the level of functionality you desire to have in the kitchen. 


The number of copper farmhouse sinks on the market are plentiful. However, it’s important to choose the right model and style suitable for your specific needs and kitchen atmosphere. 

Remember, the patina effect is a crucial design element when choosing a copper farmhouse sink. This will determine the coloration of the finish and add to the overall effect of the kitchen overtime. If you’re looking to customize your copper sink, take these few tips into consideration and think about the details that will make your sink one-of-a-kind.

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