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5 Best Planner Accessories for Working Professionals

A planner is an extremely underrated tool for working professionals. But, if you use it correctly, it can make you disciplined, organized, and more successful. And now that you’re planning to buy one, I’ve enlisted 5 best accessories you must purchase with it.

But before beginning, you should know the three main elements of the planner to pick the best one for yourself.

1. Different Layouts

This is an essential part of a planner. There are four types of layouts. The first one is daily, the second one is weekly, the third one is monthly, and the last one is quarterly.

Daily planners provide an entire page for each day. If you are someone who has to fulfill lots of duties every day, then this planner is best for you.

A weekly planner consists of one or two pages per week. This is great for people handling weekly meetings, deadlines, or events.

The layout of the monthly and quarterly planners is almost the same. If you have a bigger plan or long-term goals, then go for these planners.

2. Various sizes

Size is the second most important part of a planner. This is because it determines their portability and writing space.

In case you have to travel a lot, a pocket-friendly planner or personal planner should be your first choice. However, if your job requires working at a desk, then you can buy a half or full-letter-size planner.

3. Cover

The Cover plays a crucial role if you want your planner to last long. Covers also constitute the weight of the planner.

So, if you choose a hard-covered planner, it will be heavier than the soft-covered one.

Now that you know all the essentials of the planner, it’s time to explore the best planner accessories. Let’s see them in the next paragraph.

A5 daily plan notepad

People who are in the creative field need to write down their ideas quickly. It is not possible with a weekly or monthly planner. That’s where the A5 daily plan notepad comes in.

You can personalize every page of your notepad and write whatever you think of. It has 50 pages, so there is lots of space to explore your deep-down thoughts. The weight of this planner is 120gsm, so it will not hurt your shoulder while carrying it in your backpack or normal bag.

This planner is made up of recycled paper, so there is zero environmental exploitation. Also, as it comes with a hardcover, you don’t need to worry about the durability of this product.

A4 weekly plan notepad

If you are in charge of managing meetings or events, this weekly planner can do wonders for you. You can note the important upcoming events here and plan the entire week. In addition, the layout of this planner is extremely simple and easy to use.

It divides weekly plans into four boxes so you can note short details of every upcoming event. This will cost you only $19.

A4 week-by-day planner

In case you have to plan the week and days separately, this one will come in handy. Here the layout provides space for each day of the week with a calendar shape. You can even note down some points for yourself and your top priorities.

This planner is perfect for event managers, personal assistants, and human resource managers.

4. A4 weekly goals planner notepad

This goal tracker planner helps you to stay focused and increase your productivity. These are suitable for business owners. Each page of this is designed in a way to list down all your goals for the week and the top three non-negotiable ones.

You can even note your daily wins and track down all the habits you want to practice every day. There is also a space for taking notes.

5. A6 to-do notepad planer

If you are someone who has to plan new things each day, try a to-do notepad planner. Here you get plenty of space to write down your day-to-day plans. They also come in multiple colors like yellow, pink, mint, white, lilac, green, etc.

All these planners are available at So grab this now to start your journey.

Over to you…

Once you’ve made the purchase, make sure to use it daily to achieve your goals. Plan early to implement things easily. 

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