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What are the Different Kinds of COVID-19 Tests?

As the pandemic increases specialists provide a variety of COVID-19 pre-departure antigen tests options. The right pre departure antigen tests are used to determine the testing requirements. It is really important to discuss COVID-19 testing methods and their application. If you are looking to learn about the various tests, you are on the right platform. In this blog post, we are going to tell you about a different kind of corona virus lateral flow test. After reading this article you can easily select the best suitable as per your convenience. Let’s dive into the details.

In order to take the best treatment, you must comprehend the need for antigen testing. This antigen test detects the presence of a live infection and helps you to take action within the specified time. You may hear various antigen tests such as PCR tests. Due to this pandemic situation, there are several reasons why patients need a COVID-19 test.

Factors to consider when selecting a COVID-19 test for Travel

1. Time before departure – You should know, that the testing provider provides you with a result within the required time before departure. The result of the test may provide you 48 or 72 hours.

2. Testing standard – Before taking the virus test service, it is important to perform tests in an authorized laboratory. This laboratory has an accredited standard and is fully recognized.

3. Accuracy – It is a novice virus so accuracy matters a lot. You know this is a virus that spreads with high frequency so manufacturers make an effort to provide the best products. The product should be configured with sensitivity and specificity.

4. Certificate – In case you plan to travel or are a frequent traveler, you must take the Covid negative certificate. So while taking the testing facility you should take a certificate of completion for travel.

5. PCR testing – Due to the various variants of this virus, test methods based on PCR are required for countries. As the number of cases is increasing destination countries are either placed on the red list. In addition, they are considered non-Red List or “rest of the world” destinations, subject to ongoing government review. Each list of destinations has its own set of requirements for Covid-19 testing. So, post-travel quarantine that travelers must follow while they plan and travel.

6. Workplace Health- An employer may request a COVID-19 test, especially, when a patient returns to work. These types of tests required can be antigens or antibody. But if we talk about antigen tests, they are more commonly requested to test for an active infection.

As we discussed earlier, employers typically require evidence in the form of a test result certificate.

7. Analysis of an Active Infection- To accomplish the analysis NHS testing service comes into the picture, and it should be the first point of contact. Some private testing is available, so the testing may take place in case you live in a high-alert area. The possibility of infection increases due to the carriers or super-spreaders.

COVID-19 Test Types

Today, many countries require proof of a negative COVID-19 antigen test before entering the country of destination. In addition, some countries are more specific, requiring only molecular tests like the PCR test. Each country is specific to a test and required to be completed within a specific time before leaving. Due to the spread of the virus, every traveler will require proof in the form of a vaccination certificate.

While doing the testing, samples for testing can be collected in a variety of ways. These ways are such as blood, swabs, or saliva. Due to this, the virus can be found in different parts of the body at different times, a two-stage collection. These collections are such throat and nasal swabs. So it is preferable to a single site or saliva test.

There are Four Main Types of Testing Techniques:

1. In terms of testing techniques, PCR tests are considered the gold standard. Furthermore, the lowest levels of false negatives and false positives are found in PCR tests. These PCR tests are accepted by all countries around the world for travel certification. In this test, there is a two-stage collection method and an external registered laboratory to test all of our clients’ samples.

2. If we talk about the rapid Antigen tests they are a new rapid antigen testing system. This system provides quick results with PCR-level accuracy. Furthermore, a rapid antigen test yields a result in 15 minutes and is appropriate for travel to countries. This will require a negative COVID test. In case you want quick results, the Rapid Antigen Test is also ideal for work purposes.

3. LAMP is currently being tested for rapid testing when you need to travel in an emergency. No doubt, it is only acceptable in countries where a PCR test is not required for entry. Moreover, the LAMP test is a new technology that is still being evaluated in clinical settings in terms of accuracy. This kind of test is considered for use in screening patients upon their arrival.

4. The Immunofluorescence testing is a different type of testing. This way provides a quick response to identify a current infection but keeps in mind a lower level of accuracy. Generally, this type of test is not suitable for use in travel as they are not performed at an external laboratory. According to the reviews, some manufacturers are performing multiple tests. Due to this, it may result in cross-reactivity and false readings in case secondary sources are detected. As a result, the workflow may become less flexible and also more expensive.

5. Another type of rapid molecular testing is TMA Transcription-Mediated Amplification testing. These pre departure lateral flow pre departure tests are accepted for entry into Spain. But they are not currently available in the UK and are not offered by Nomad. Sensitivity refers to a test’s ability to correctly identify those who have the disease (true positive rate), whereas specificity refers to the test’s ability to correctly identify those who do not have the disease (true negative rate)

Final Thoughts

Each COVID test has different requirements, ranging from a simple diagnostic test to the more complex requirements of travel testing. The PCR pre departure covid tests are the gold standard. Moreover, they provide the highest levels of accuracy and proven medical evidence.

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