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What are the best papers to print custom stickers at the print shop?

Custom stickers are one of the most versatile types of graphic pieces for promoting your business. They can be used to tag and label products, customize objects or environments, close delivery packages or gifts, inform promotions and many other uses. Not to mention that because they are self-adhesive, custom sticker sheets can be placed on any surface such as tables, packages, products, doors and more. It’s the kind of piece where your creativity can soar!

However, you need to pay attention to the type of adhesive you will make at the print shop, the material used, its durability and cost-effectiveness. Depending on the surface you intend to place it on, you will need a higher quality type of adhesive. We will share in this post the types of materials that can be used to help you choose the most suitable for your purpose.

To make stickers in graphics with a good cost-benefit, you need to use adhesive paper. Its main feature is an adhesive tape that allows it to be glued to several different surfaces. Several types of papers also have an adhesive version, making it possible to diversify the final appearance of your personalized sticker.

A sticker paper has three parts: the front, where the information and design of the sticker itself is located, usually covered with a matte or glossy finish, printed in color or in black and white; the adhesive material itself that allows the part to stick to the surface; and the protective film, removed at the time of application of the adhesive.

Know the types of materials to print custom stickers

There is no ideal type of material used in printing for each and every sticker, but there are different possibilities. Among those that stand out are the types of vinyl, adhesive paper or photographic paper.

Shall we know the particularities of each one?

This adhesive model is more resistant and malleable, as it is made of a type of plastic, PVC. It is highly sought after to be used on surfaces that will come into contact with the external environment, with rain, with different temperatures and even with outdoor dust, as it is resistant to humidity. Therefore, its most common applications are in windows, windows, vehicles and walls.

The malleability means that the customized adhesive is handled several times without it being damaged or tearing, making it ideal for those applications that will take longer, such as on walls and windows.

 They are offered in different colors and textures, not always with prints, as in cases where they will be used as cutouts to decorate walls.

 How about we know some types of vinyl available for custom graphics stickers?

Matte or glossy vinyl: known for its high durability, lasting up to three years, if not exposed to climatic variables. It is suitable for customizing or decorating environments and for light containment, and can be applied to surfaces with accentuated curves and light textures.

Transparent vinyl: also offers high durability and flexibility, in addition to customization options, but as it maintains transparency, it is suitable for surfaces such as glass, shop windows and decorations at fairs and events.

Metallized Vinyl: This material reproduces the effects of metallic substrates, offering very different results in graphics stickers. Indicated for internal use due to its lesser durability, about one year.

Electrostatic vinyl: fixed through static on glass or painted surfaces, without the need for glue.

The most common custom stickers are made of paper, in their matte (sulfite), recycled or glossy (glossy) versions. The latter is one of the most used for souvenir stickers, labels and tags, as it is stronger. However, it is still made of paper and does not have the strength needed for packages that will be washed, for example, because the paper softens.

Custom sticker sheets are most recommended for indoor applications and on small items. It can wrinkle with moisture and if it needs to be removed, it will leave more residue on the surface than a vinyl sticker.


Custom sticker sheets used in floor adhesives, this material is used because it is more resistant in internal places with a lot of friction such as shopping malls, supermarkets, subway stations, stores and the like. But it must be applied to smooth surfaces so that the glue sets enough on the place.

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