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The divine story editing feature on instagram and how to download the best quality story video

Story sharing is a way to keep a vivid diary with divine tools. But it only appears 24 hours, so you need to know how to download instagram story videos.

What is story on instagram?

Story is a feature that helps instagram users to share photos and videos of their stories. This share will only last for 24 hours as the diary captures the brief moments.

Instagram story

Sharing this short story brings out different special feelings. It can be easier for you to see who is regularly monitoring your activity.

Besides, short stories are not always appropriate to share widely. Sometimes those feelings only appear for a moment, but you need a place to vent. So instagram story was born and help you.

Interesting stories, memorable moments will make you want to find ways to download instagram story videos.

How to download instagram story videos

To be able to save video stories easily, with good quality, you need the tool.

Tools SnapInsta

  • Step 1: Go to SnapInsta and enter the IG story link you want to download.
  • Step 2: Select the story you want to download to your device.
  • Step 3: Click Download to start downloading the video to the device.

With this tool, you can use it completely free on any device. It is supported for both iOS and Android.

This is the most effective and safe way to download Instagram story videos for you. Besides, the video quality brought by is the best HD quality available today.

If SnapInsta has a problem, you can use another Instagram downloader, called SnapSave

Edit stories directly on Instagram

Do you love to share every day on Instagram but are afraid that it will always be the same color? Update now with small but useful tips on how to insert GIFs into stories.

Creative Story

  • Typo GIF

Typo is divided into many types such as handmade, calligraphy, vipapie, or wildflower bar. Only with these keywords, you can easily search for animated GIFs with different themes.

If handmade is handwriting, calligraphy is handwriting on more specific topics. You can use Latin script via vipapie and nature icons with wildflower bar.

  • Theme Icons

You see stories with animated icons that make you want to find a way to download Instagram story videos. If you also want your story to be as funny, try these keywords.

Kape Beans are small, often yellow icons that are perfect for the fall season. Gladdest is re-designed with a new energy day theme. It will be very interesting if you combine cute icons, illustris.

Your travels to new lands will be well suited to the theme of pip and cricket or gravita do.

Use the advanced tools of Instagram

Only using regular Instagram, the story you post cannot change the time. To do this, you should find the Instagram Reels tool. It is a creatively simulated tiktok application.

For more advanced users, this tool is combined with professional editing features. The interface is simple and easy to use, so you can get up to speed very quickly. In addition, now this tool is also enhanced when it can automatically select appropriate music.

This saves you a lot of time in choosing the right piece of music for the story. From these suggestions, you can combine and create interesting stories that make everyone want to find a way to download Instagram story videos.


The above shares help you know how to download Instagram story videos using the number one tool today, SnapInsta. In addition, editing and creating interesting stories is also easier with the introduced features. Hope you can unleash your creativity with your stories.

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