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How to Put on a I Part Wig

So, you’ve finally taken the plunge and bought yourself a I part wig – I mean, those hours of late-night screen shopping browsing through wig variety after wig variety was bound to end in a purchase. And good for you! This purchase can be the replenishment of your good hair days, all you need to know is how to properly wear a I part wig. 

Rather than taking the shortcut and going through trial and error – possibly ruining both your own hair and your wig in the process – it’s good to stick to some tried and tested methods. And today I’m going to share all of these tips and tricks with you!

What is A I Part Wig?

A I part wig is also called an upgrade u-part wig or thin u-part wig. The wig has a I-shaped structure on the top of the wig, which allows wearers to wear a wig with their leave-outs or without any leave-outs. And it is a beginner-friendly wig for someone new to a wig, a I-part wig can be installed without applying any glues and gels.

Here’s how to put on a I part wig: 

  1. Color and Texture

While this is true for all wigs – and all fashion accessories at that – I part wigs need acute attention to detail when being purchased. This is because the color and texture of the I part wig needs to resemble that of your natural hair given that your roots will be showing and blending into the wig. 

And remember, the more closely your wig matches your natural hair, the better the blending is going to look. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment, but just that you should opt for a different wig type when it comes to trying out new looks. 

  1. Treat your Natural Hair

Before you move onto putting your actual I part wig on, it’s important to treat your natural hair. Go through your normal routine – shampoo, conditioner – and if you don’t moisturize then be sure to add that in. 

In fact, you can even spruce it up a bit and add a hot oil massage or hair mask to the treatment before continuing with your shower, shampoo, and condition routine. Once your hair is washed and ready, let it completely air dry before moving onto the next step by either placing it on a wig stand or otherwise. 

  1. Flatten it Out!

The next step to achieving the perfect I part wig application is to arrange your natural hair in a way that makes it appear as flat as possible. This is to make sure that your natural hair does not disrupt the I part wig by giving it too much volume to deal with or restricting it of space on your head. 

A good way to flatten your hair is by braiding in into cornrows as this would pull back the hair and lay it flat across your head, making for a compressed look. Of course, remember to leave out a small portion of your hair that’s going to be covering the I shaped crevice at the front of your wig from where it will blend into the wig’s extensions. 

  1. Clip it On

Once you’ve got your hair prepped and set, it’s time to start with the actual I part wig. Start by detangling your wig if needed and getting rid of any knots or unevenness by giving it a proper look over. 

Next, you’re going to lay your I part wig across your head and secure it in place with the attached clips, making sure to get an ample amount of hair so that its locked in place. once secured, run your fingers through the wig’s strands to arrange them how you like.

  1. Fix the I Part

The last thing you have to do is to fix your I part opening. Take a small comb or brush and smooth out the strands of your natural hair that you’ve left out on top to cover the front of your wig’s opening. Once the strands are how you want them, carefully arrange them over the top of your wig where it has its I part opening to create a natural transition from hair to wig. 

  1. Accessories! 

This part is optional but depending on the place that you’re going to be at and the outfit that’s going to accompany your fresh I part wig, you can choose to adorn your hair with accessories. 

From hair nets to flowers to headbands and clips, there’s a wide range that you can choose from – it really just comes down to personal preference. Just be careful with your wig if you opt for any accessories, making sure to not weigh it down or damage the strands. 

And there you have it! your I part wig is on your head and ready to stay. Now you can go about your day while rocking a killer hairstyle that will give you that much needed boost of confidence and excite you as you try something new. And the best part? Your own hair is untouched and healthy, saving you from the degrees of damage that dyes and heat styling tools bring. 

What Are The Advantages OF I Part Wig?

A I Part Wig Is Versatile

A I-part wig can help you wear a wig without damaging your hair and create a versatile style. You can wear this wig in middle-part and side-part styles.

It Can Help You Grow Your Natural Hair

A I-part wig can be installed without any glues and gels, and you can wear it without any leave-outs.

I Part Wig Is A Beginner-Friendly Wig

Wearing a I-part wig requires zero skills. As a glueless human hair wig, it is super easy to install without any glue or gel involved. And you can wear it and take it off every day to give your scalp and natural hair relaxation.

Help You Create A Natural Look

A I-part wig can allow you to wear it with or without your own hair, you can blend the wig with your own hair naturally.

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