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How to Decorate an Office Reception

Office decoration is necessary to invite professionals to a planned surrounding and keep the environment developed. One notices a reception first on entering, and offices must ensure a neat and structured area to comfort them and present them with the right idea about the organisation. It sets their first impression and helps navigate their attention towards the vital elements. Offices can purchase reception desks, carpets, and other items to arrange them properly and create a serene environment for experts to feel comfortable and pleasant on entering.

Here are a few necessities in every reception room to welcome the guests.

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Acquiring proper and decorative flooring is the first step to creating an elegant reception room. One can add a bare floor to match all walls and furniture appropriately without hassle since it does not add chaos. Silver or marble floors work best in conditions where one has a fancy office setting with a rich appeal. Large tiles produce a similar effect where the office looks professional and neat.

Add wooden floors for warmth and vintage appeal to the ground. One must also ensure proper protection since uneven and water logging floors cause severe damage over time and offices endure heavy amounts to fix them. Many companies sell thin floor covers for those who invest in looks and quality since they can provide classy features with a covered top.


A coordinated office produces the best looks. It shows professionalism and class on entering. Most office spaces must decide on a common theme throughout the office since an uneven spread might irritate the eyes. Furniture is a vital part of the plan; one must decide on items after considering comfort and design. Reception desks are necessary to navigate the guests and contact the employees about appointments.

One can set a high desk and chair combination for a receptionist and fill it with necessary items. Add sofas and tables in the waiting area, preferably concentrating more on comfort and elegance. Reception furniture is much different from what employees use since their furniture must keep them active and at work, while the reception area must be lounge-friendly. Engage side tables and necessary decorative furniture for magazine stands or plant holders.


The reception has the most decorative ability, and one must use it to capacity. A work environment needs more complexity and strictness with the decoration, whereas a reception can be light and creative. Add wall decor but do not overdo it as it may pull away from its elegance. Plants are a perfect decoration that keeps the reception fresh and piques the guests’ interests.

Add a TV and play informative channels to keep the environment proficient. Books and magazines are a perfect addition for guests to enjoy while waiting for someone. Add beautiful lights and carpets to layer the room and produce fullness. Award cabinets are a superb addition in most offices to show guests the accolades and add credibility.


  • Paint the walls with subtle colours and keep them tasteful. It must not hurt the eyes on entering and is preferably plain.
  • Add a corner to involve the company’s logo. One can use LED lights to illuminate it and keep it fun. It also drives their attention towards the necessary parts and imparts the company name in their conscience.
  • Keep snacks and candies in jars to keep the guests occupied on entering and enjoy them while they wait.

Newspapers are the best option for a professional setting and keep everyone updated on current affairs.

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