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Benefits of working at Pharma franchise over a marketing Job

PCD Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad is an authorization or a company that possesses all the rights granted by the government to carry out commercial activities in the market where they will sell and promote the products of their company. It can be a single person or several persons can make a particular team. This term is developing day by day in the market because they manufacture varieties of products while constantly keeping an eye on new products.

Whereas PCD is a jargon used mostly in the Pharmaceutical industry that stands for Propaganda Cum Distribution. It is a new concept brought in the market that holds a win-win idea for both Pharma Companies and the PCD Franchise Holder. Unlike Pharma Franchise, here the permission is granted by a pharmaceutical company to carry out not only products but also knowledge, trademarks, patents, etc. What’s important is that the terms and conditions must be mutually agreed upon.

To know more details and build your investment you can get into contact with PCD Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad. And, to understand the benefits of working at a Pharma franchise over a marketing job keep reading this blog till the end.   

Pharma franchise

Ownership Rights

Ownership rights are the right that offers you the privilege of possession, disposition, exclusion, and the right of management in a fair manner according to the laws and conditions. You avail yourself of the opportunity to lead everything in your way in your picked time. It is the legal utilization of liberty and power.

 Apart from this, the responsibility of protection and security of your trademarks, patents, products, the entire company, and all the elements related comes under your authorization. The selling and manufacturing also completely lie on your shoulder. You can use this possession cleverly and sprucely.

To summarize, you receive the golden stairs of fulfilling your dream to establish your identification in the market.

Minimum Risk

A business always includes risks and those risks are directly proportional to profits. There is no business without these two. So, when business is what you want to go for then you have to make yourself ready for some risks and mitigation. Especially after the beginning of profits. You must be aware of the risk factors associated with this segment and also know the parameters of risk management.

Although the weightage of risks in this segment is limited and minimum. There are only a few major factors to understand and remember while building your business as a Pharma Franchise or PCD. This includes Compatibility with your business, keep a track of your Finance and Expenditure, and at the last Be will be updated about the market and the effects of your decision in the market.

Work Freely

A Pcd Pharma Company also enables you to work freely. The psychology of working freely does not only keep you connected to your work but also boosts your creativity. And, everyone deserves the right to work freely. Even in an organization, there should be no such restrictions hampering someone’s mental and physical ability.

However, you are still under the control of someone in an organization. So, if you want to be your boss and you love to work in your manner. This opportunity will suit you the best. You will get to know how you think, how you act, and then what decisions you prefer to take. In short, it will also know yourself better and could work at improving your weaknesses and sharpening your strengths.

Own rules Right to choose a locality

With all these benefits, you have the right to choose the locality where you want to establish your company and also the right to choose the localities for the selling of your products and even you can pick an area of your choice for manufacturing the products.

This factor is a helping hand for revenues and profit. As you can always select a locality based on the market preferences. Further, if you find better rate of products too, you can adjust the selected list of localities. Where you detect growth and development for your company you will always have the right to head your company in that direction.

Chances of Growth

The flexibility in Pharma Industry is quite good. The industry has earned good recognition and holds a fair chance of economic growth and development as well. That’s why the chances of growth for your company also increase. Plus this sector has a long way to go in the market. There will be no such sudden tensions emerging while the development takes place of your company.

Last year the Indian Pharma Industry resulted in a growth of 15% which was also led by the Covid-19 products. Even in the stock market, pharmaceutical companies despite being relatively risky attract a good number of income generating investors. Thus, the chances of loss are unlikely very less until rare adversity occurs.


Now after reading till here, with all the points mentioned above I am sure about you considering the PCD and Pharma franchise profitable. As per the studies, 16-22% at branded products and 20-50% at generic products were the measured margin. You can say that the profit margin ranges high and that the option of investment appealing too. Well, the profit of any business is calculated on net profit that is total revenue subtracted by total expense dividing the cost.


Therefore, it would not be wrong or injustice to say that working at Pharma Franchise is beneficial than working in a marketing job. And, you can decide this by yourself after reading the mentioned points. You are not limited, you are free to grow in your selected creative manners, you have the right of absolute ownership, you can pick the professionals with which you want to work, and the liberty to choose a locality that interests you. There are even several other advantages that you will slowly realizein this sector than in a marketing job. But, you should possess certain skills and meet the required criteria to own the license.  

Author Bio

Mr Viral Kotecha is an independent consultant pharmacist from Manipal University. He aims to serve his patients by preparing medications and multidisciplinary health care. And being a team player he keeps his patients’ wellness and care on priority. His experience of working with Pharma Industry is exceptional and it has also helped him too easily navigate new terms and technologies in the Medical sector. As of now he contributes his team efforts for accomplish related results as needed and he also looks forward to plan and fulfill the long term and short term goals.

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