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5 Ways to Improve your Football Skills

For how many years you’ve been playing football? 

Most of us have been playing it since childhood. Right?

Football is a team game. This doesn’t mean a player can stay back and expects the team to somehow manage it; rather, it says you become the brothers in arms as soon as you get enlisted. Each and every player is like a wheel to this train, and you definitely don’t want a trainwreck. 

This is why you must stay on top of your game; you must improve your skills to the absolute best standard.

That can be a straightforward trial-and-error approach, or here’s something for you. Present before you the list of top strategies compiled from the advice pro players gave and the first-hand experience of 20+ years. 

5 tips and easy hacks to sharpen your game

  1. The Ball:

The football itself is the best thing you get to ace the game. Make that ball an undetachable part of your existence. Practice, practice, and practice so hard that the ball dances when you move a finger. 

The day when you play so smoothly that people watch you play and think, “whoa! I can do that thing too”, that’s when you know you’ve nailed it!

For now? Grab some cones. Step into the ground and start solo. 

  1. Consistency over quantity:

This isn’t your term-end exam, which is why you can’t just practice the night before and somehow manage to survive D-Day.

Like in every other skill, consistency, focus, and determination win over everything else, even in football. It doesn’t matter how many hours you’re playing; rather, focus on the quality of your game. So even if you can manage only half an hour, never skip the practice, even for a single day. 

Christiano Ronaldo, in his teen years, used to practice at midnight because he had to work all day to support his family. 

So get this thing imprinted on your brain; if there’s a will, there will be a way, or else you’ll never fall short of excuses. 

  1. Fitness is the main mantra :

Physical fitness is not important in intense body contact games like football, rugby, basketball, etc., but it’s unequivocally essential. And the bar is set pretty high. 

Name any top player in the world, look at their physique, and you’ll guess the hours of hard work in the gym and field that went into making it. So get up, do lunges, squats, cycle, or whatever exercise for football you prefer. 

So, next time when your coach asks you to hit the gym or run five laps on the ground, don’t get mad. Don’t even think of lasting full-time on the field if you don’t build the stamina first. The coach isn’t stopping you from playing; he’s taking you to the top instead. And my friend, there’s no shortcut on the journey to success. 

  1. Get proper guidance:

You embark on a long, tough journey and don’t need to trek alone. 

Our blog can only do so much compared to the quality of training and advice you get from professional football coaches or players themselves. 

Learn from those who have walked this path already; that’s how it’s done.

Join your high school football club, get into the soccer camp in your town, or the alternative which we prefer for beginners is getting ready with Private football coaching.

  1. Eat healthily, Sleep early:

You can’t play for long hours if you’re not feeling well. So eat healthily. Don’t forget to put plenty of protein (to build and repair muscles) and vegetables (vitamins for fitness) in your diet list. Consult a dietician if needed. Proper nutrition is vital for your physical strength as well.

And you can’t afford to lose precious night hours. Stop staying up late chatting or binging. Most practice camps start in the morning. You must sleep early and wake up in the morning well-rested. 

Here are a few other tips :

  1. Study the game. Watch clippings of famous players, video analysis, and match reports religiously.
  2. Join a local league. Make friends with fellow players, get exposure and feel the team game.
  3. Set personal goals, both short-term and long-term. 
  4. Watch football and enjoy!!! After all, games are meant to be fun. 

We think that’s enough for now. Of course, all these are easier said than done, but we believe in you.

You can ace it! 

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