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Five Simple and Quick Ways to Clean Your Treadmill

Do you want your treadmill to last for a longer period? Are you cleaning it in the right way? The treadmill is an expensive product, and it needs to be taken care of. However, the treadmill’s longevity can be extended by simply cleaning it regularly and effectively. You don’t require much effort to clean your treadmill, and it’s just about being regular. Here are some simple ways of cleaning your treadmill.

Wiping the treadmill after each session

The treadmill is used for burning calories. During the workout, you sweat a lot, and no wonder all the sweat and dirt from your body goes down to the treadmill’s belt. The dust present in the surrounding also deposits on the belt over time. The dirt from your shoes also makes the belt dirty. So, it would be best if you made it a habit to wipe the belt and the treadmill after each session, decreasing the amount of dirt gathered on the belt. Ignoring these small aspects may be the reason for the renewal of the belt soon. You can use a dry cloth to wipe the belt after each session. The cloth wipes off the visible dust particles on the belt and the treadmill.

Clean underneath

Not only does the surface of the treadmill need cleaning, but the underneath also requires deep cleansing as the belt revolves all around. The dust particles get clotted at the bottom edge where the belt curves, and these dust particles, along with your sweat, cause the treadmill to slow down. In addition, when you use new shoes, the rubber particles of the shoes cling to the belt, gradually accumulating on the edges. If not given proper attention, this small problem can cost you a large amount in a service center. The underneath can be cleaned easily with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner is your best friend.

Cleaning the treadmill becomes much easier if you learn to use the vacuum cleaner effectively. The small areas of the belt and the treadmill, which can’t be accessed by hand, can be cleaned by the vacuum cleaner easily as it does not require any physical contact to clean the area. In addition, the treadmill parts that can easily be disintegrated can be cleaned thoroughly by the vacuum cleaner. Make sure to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the posterior part of the treadmill as it goes unattended most of the time, whereas it is the area that accumulates the most dust particles. It would be best if you cleaned your treadmill using the vacuum cleaner at least twice a month. Treadmills like compact treadmills can help you enormously as cleaning it requires less effort, and your time is also saved.

Disinfecting the belt

Running on the treadmill would result in an accumulation of sweat and dirt on your body on the belt of the treadmill. The accumulated dirt can spread all around the treadmill as the belt is not fixed in one place. Instead, it revolves around the mill, which shifts the dirt from one place to another. It would help if you wiped the belt using a damp piece of cloth which would remove the dust particles. Dipping the cloth in a disinfectant is important to reduce the germs on the belt, which can cause diseases if left unchecked.

Cleaning the electronics

Remove the plug and clean the electronic parts of the treadmill for at least a week. The electronic parts, such as the display and the switches, help you to plan your exercise. Therefore, these parts should be taken care of. If left unchecked, these parts can malfunction, which can mislead you. For example, the switches that are meant to adjust the speed of the belt, if left unchecked, can be damaged, and you are prone to get electric shocks. So, the electronics need to be cleaned at least once per week.


Cleaning the treadmill regularly is not difficult if one follows the proper procedure. It merely requires small tasks such as; wiping the belt after each session, disinfecting the belly once weekly, cleaning the electronics, and using the vacuum at least twice a month. Proper care of the treadmill ensures its durability. To use your treadmill for longer, you should clean and take care of the product.

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