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10 Reasons to Try Eyelash Extensions

Have you always been tempted to try eyelash extensions , but are still not sure if they are actually right for you? The reasons for trying this cosmetic treatment can be many, starting with the fact that showing off very long , voluminous and thick eyelashes can give more depth to your gaze, make you feel infinitely more seductive, and therefore greatly improve your self-esteem.
Going into the world of eyelash extensions , we will easily realize that this treatment gives different final effects depending on the application methods.

Depending on the one you choose, you can get doll-effect eyelashes , cat eyes , natural effect , extra volume with the Russian method or doe eyes .But what are the other reasons for trying to get the best eyelash extensions supplies ? Let’s find out together.

Why try eyelash extensions?

  1. Instead of sticking and unplugging your false lashes every time you have to go out or participate in an important evening, you can “take your mind off” once and for all, and show off a star look at any time of the day. Of course, the time to apply eyelash extensions is not very short, but the result will surely surprise you. Seeing is believing!
  2. After applying the extensions to the eyelashes the effect will last for at least 2/3 weeks, and can be prolonged over time thanks to the necessary touch-ups and the application of some special serums, so you will not have to take care of your eyelashes for a long time!
  3. Extensions will bring out the natural beauty of any woman, and make you feel comfortable with your appearance at any time of the day.
  4. In addition, the extensions will work wonders for all women who are constantly struggling with the problem of tired and dull-looking eyes, as they will give greater vitality and beauty to your eyes .
  5. Unlike false lashes, extensions do not weigh down real lashes . After the application you will not even remember you have them, they are so light!
  6. With eyelash extensions you will have the doe eyes you’ve always wanted, and all with minimal effort!
  7. You could become really addicted to extensions. Do not worry though, because it is not a dangerous “addiction”! Simply, once you notice how beautiful and seductive your eyes will look thanks to this little treatment, you won’t be able to do without it, guaranteed!
  8. Life will be much easier because you will no longer have to worry about makeup . The extensions will in fact give a splendid and natural look to your eyes, and will make the use of eyeliner or mascara almost useless , unless you want to create a slightly heavier and more showy make-up. This will ensure you have a naturally perfect look at any time of day, whether you’ve just got out of bed, or just bathed in the pool!
  9. The extensions will not get damaged even after doing activities like swimming, training, climbing and so on, so if you are held back by the fear that because of your new eyelashes you may have to give up your favorite activities, you can sleep peacefully!
  10. Finally, remember that these little allies will give a more glamorous look to your style, without you having to make any effort!
  11. In short, eyelash extensions are not just a whim … they are a real lifestyle!

How to choose the right lash length and diameter

Once the proper curvature has been identified, it is essential to choose the correct diameter and length .

This is a crucial step as choosing an extension that is too long or too thick can damage the natural lash, causing it to break or fall out prematurely.

As a general rule it is advisable to choose an extension that does not exceed the length of the natural eyelashes by more than 2-3 mm .

The diameters should also be chosen taking into account the weight balance .

To understand the thickness of natural lashes, a comparison can be made with synthetic lashes / extensions by bringing them closer to each other and looking at them with a magnifying glass.

You can use the same method to figure out the length of natural lashes.

As mentioned (above) for length and thickness there are specific ranges based on the type of technique we use: volume or one to one.

The second determining factor is precisely the eyelashes on which the application is made.

If for the length we have mentioned the limits based on natural lashes, for the thickness we should choose the one closest to the thickness of the lashes on which we apply.

Why is it important to choose the right extensions?

With eyelash extensions it is also possible to correct or hide aesthetic characteristics that may not give the right relevance to our gaze .

For example: dropped eyelid, eyes too deep set or excessively round (ball eyes) or even to “open” small eyes.

This is also why it is essential to identify the most suitable extensions to enhance and harmonize our gaze.

Eyelash extensions: some recommendations

That said, we recommend that you never opt for DIY when it comes to eyelash extensions and other gentle treatments of this type. Always rely on the expert hands of a professional and contact a specialized center, to give you the look you have always desired. All you have to do is try to have beautiful false eyelashes applied, and see “with your eyes” what and how many are the advantages that these simple but very effective allies of our beauty will give you!

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