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Why Should You Start Using a Cream for Dark Circles Removal in Your 30s?

‘A stitch in time saves nine.’ This famous phrase holds as much relevance for skin care as other things. Here’s our blog explaining you should start using a cream for dark circles in your early 30s, so stay with us as we take you along!

When it comes to skincare, multiple signs of premature aging could start showing up in your 30s. But why should you wait for them to appear? Isn’t it better to take care of your skin before it starts shouting for the care it needs? While you might have a skincare regime when you enter your mid-age years, it is important to pay extra attention and care to the areas with a thinner skin layer, like your under-eyes. 

As the skin under your eyes is thinner, you could experience multiple signs of premature aging on your face. This might be due to stress, dehydration, excessive screen time, sun damage, pollution, or a lack of proper skin care. Therefore, you should include a dark circles cream in your skincare routine once you enter your 30s to beat the negative results.

Targeting the root cause of dark circles using an under-eye cream 

While age is just a number, it does reflect on your skin if you do not take proper care of it. When in your 30s, you multitask and give your best- personally and professionally. All this hard work also brings in factors like excessive screen time, which results in dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines into play.  An under-eye cream is formulated to target the root cause of the problems afflicting your eyes. 

A nourishing dark circles cream works differently than your regular moisturizer as its effect goes deeper into the skin cells and provides more than just hydration or moisturization. 

Why should you invest in a good under-eye cream?

Here are some reasons to invest in an under-eye dark circles cream when you step into your 30s. 

  1. Treat puffy eyes

With aging, the tissues around your eyes start weakening. This leads to the accumulation of fluid under your eyes making them look swollen and puffy. You should choose a safe and gentle under-eye cream for dark circles that contains natural antioxidants and cucumber extracts to help reduce the swelling and tighten the skin around your eyes. 

  1. Delay signs of aging 

With the constant movement of your eyes all day long, it is natural to get fine lines and wrinkles at some point in your life. Daisy flower extract is high in malic and tartaric acids which help reverse these signs of premature aging. 

You may try Mamaearth’s cream for dark circles (called Bye Bye Dark Circles). It comes with the benefit of Daisy Extracts, Cucumber Extracts, Hawkweed Extracts, and Peptides that help stimulate collagen production and reduce dark spots.

  1. Hyperpigmentation 

With unhealthy eating habits and lack of sleep, the dilated veins under the skin become more visible, causing hyperpigmentation. To reduce their prominence on the face, you should choose the above-mentioned cream to remove these blemishes and promote blood flow for a better glow.  

Firming up the skin with collagen boost 

Natural collagen is proven to help firm up skin and improve texture. For example, a cream for dark circles with peptides will help firm up your under-eye skin. Peptides, a form of amino acids, are building blocks of proteins essential for your skin. They boost collagen production to repair your skin and give you youthful and plump skin. 

  1. Moderate the melanin release 

Increased melanin production is a sign of your body repairing damaged skin. For example, prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to enhanced melanin production. This darkens the skin under your eyes and gives your eyes a tired look. An under-eye cream moderates melanin production and restores your natural skin tone. 

  1. Keep the eye skin hydrated 

One of the first signs of dehydrated skin is dullness and wrinkling. If your eyes feel stretched out and wrinkled, then an dark circles removal cream will hydrate and nourish them and make your skin feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  

  1. Anti-inflammatory and soothing 

Eye skin can look puffy and feel dry because of inflammation. Mamaearth’s cream contains Hawkweed extracts that help gently soothe the under eyes and reduce inflammation. They thus condition your skin to fight dark circles and lighten its texture to make your eyes glow. 

Troubled by acne scars? Here is how to make them go away

The same lifestyle factors contributing to the deterioration of your under-eye skin also lead to acne and pimple breakouts. Lifestyle habits, lack of skincare regime, excessive exposure to the UVA and UVB rays from the sun, and insomnia can dehydrate your skin and lead to acne trouble. Junk food and alcohol also aggravate this condition. 

What is more irritating is the stubborn scab marks that remain on your face and stare back at you even after the acne is treated. That is why you should also use acne scar removal cream. So, what does it do? An acne scar removal cream offers spot treatment for your face, including on the eyes and face. 

pimple cream

Mamaearth’s Acne Marks Reduction Kit nourishes your acne-prone skin with active ingredients such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Niacinamide, and Neem. They restore your skin’s pH balance and gently remove the scars left by the pimples. This kit features Acne Scar Removal Cream, Tea Tree face Wash, and Skin Correct Face Serum that corrects your skin by reducing the blemishes and the patches left behind by acne. 

Be wise and take care of your eyes 

Using an under-eye dark circles cream in your 30s can save you from facing worse skin problems and keep your skin at its best. It keeps you away from hyperpigmentation, puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, and baggy eyes. The best part is that it will give you a natural glow without needing any makeup or concealer you would normally use to hide those dark circles. 

Pro tip: When you keep the eye cream for dark circles in a refrigerator, the benefits are even more as it provides a cool, soothing effect on the eyes, making them feel fresh and relaxed.

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